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Whether you’re looking for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services in accounting industry organizations, healthcare companies, or anything in between—1Rivet has you covered.

RPA Services for Healthcare Industry
In healthcare, risk management programs can be automated and optimized to decrease costs and improve outcomes.

RPA in Financial Services
Automating necessary but painstaking financial services will drastically improve both your company’s productivity and its profitability by leveraging RPA Financing.


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Streamline Labor-Intensive Tasks With the Leading RPA Services Company

Increase productivity with scalable, people-first RPA services.


Mobile and Web

Architect and implement real-time, event-driven, interactive software. 

Whether for mobile or desktop, client or employee, our RPA solutions can help modernize your tech landscape.


Reporting and Databases

With RPA, you can effortlessly automate your business data reporting and database tools. Leverage the power of reporting tech like:

  • Crystal Reports
  • JasperReports
  • TIBCO Spotfire


The DevOps model combines the development team and operations team into a single collaborative unit.

This speeds up delivery, increases response times, and streamlines deployments.



Integration is all about harmonizing distinct systems. This allows them to work in unity instead of as a collection of isolated technologies.

RPA integration services provide organizations with a consolidated toolkit that can automatically handle a variety of tasks across an array of systems.


Big Data

Adopt RPA software, and your business can handle Big Data.

From collecting huge volumes of digital information to rapidly analyzing it, RPA offers a cost-effective alternative to the slow, traditional, hands-on approach.


Testing Frameworks

Testing methods and approaches are key to ensuring a seamless RPA transition.

That’s why we test every component individually to ensure that security, functionality, and user experience are all performing at their peak.

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Find out how 1Rivet helps organizations adopt people-first process automation solutions and unleash potential.

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What Is (RPA) Robotic Process Automation?

RPA reduces the manual task load of business processes via automation. Save money, time, and the risks of human error by leveraging a combination of automation and computer vision.

Computer Vision
Computer vision refers to a bot’s ability to “see” selectors on a computer interface or webpage, allowing it to make accurate decisions—further improving workflow and recognition of interfaces.

RPA can be implemented across many industries, including but certainly not limited to:

  • RPA Services for Accounting Industry
    RPA services for accounting firms automate payables, receivables, and more. Free up time with RPA services for accounting industry tasks.
  • RPA Insurance Services
    RPA insurance software can assist your organization with everything from claim management to risk management services.

Get Comprehensive RPA Managed Services

Our outsourced RPA services are competitively priced and include everything you need—from RPA implementation to RPA consulting services. We also offer:

Facilities Management
We provide scalable RPA development that supports facilities management. RPA maximizes your time through automation, and provides data related to operations performance.

Talent Acquisition
Find project talent and niche IT stopgaps using our strategic recruiting.

RPA services

Transform the Way You Do Business

Prioritize the success of your organization. By automating repetitive tasks you can eliminate errors, improve productivity, and increase revenue.

RPA Consulting

Deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365

D365 is a cloud-enabled, web-based solution. This means that organizations no longer have to establish and maintain complicated on-site systems. Cloud-based infrastructure is the future, and D365 allows businesses to take advantage of its vast benefits. D365 also offers enhanced financial reporting along with integrated Power BI reporting services. At 1Rivet, our team strictly adheres to Microsoft Lifecycle services’ methodology. Their upgrade process is automated and highly structured, especially when it comes to running the code and completing data upgrades.

We offer options for both offshore and offshore/onshore blending based on your preferences.

Custom Application Development You Can Depend On

We build completely new applications or modernize an existing applications. Our approach focuses on the user experience to ensure the entire business process and technology are optimized. Agile development allows for quickly deploying applications to production and our production support teams allow our clients to focus on running the business.


  • UIUX
  • Application Modernization
  • Software Engineering
  • Dev Ops
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Quality Engineering
Custom Application Development with 1Rivet
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Drive Your Business Forward With 1Rivet’s RPA Services

Robotic process automation (RPA) rapidly and flawlessly executes a range of tedious but essential computer tasks.

Why choose 1Rivet for intelligent automation:

  • Boost profitability by streamlining tedious workflows using sophisticated automation software. 
  • Reduce human error, inefficiencies, and overhead costs while expediting decision-making. 
  • Leverage cost-effective RPA services with an ISO-certified, licensed UIPath partner.  
  • Improve employee satisfaction by offloading tedious and repetitive computer tasks.
  • Accelerate your digital transformation by freeing up your IT team to focus on more meaningful work.  

 Don’t get bogged down in the details. Focus on the things that really matter to your business and let our RPA solution take care of the rest.

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ISO-Certified RPA Services
1Rivet meets the highest international standards for information technology and information security.