• Mail It
    MAIL: sort, deliver & account for all mail/packages
  • Digital Mail
    DIGITAL MAIL: digitize & route mail
  • Copy It
    COPY IT: submit & manage copy jobs
  • Book It
    BOOK IT: book & manage conference rooms & amenities
  • Fleet
    FLEET: manage fleet of copiers, equipment & assets
  • Work It
    WORK IT: log, assign & track service requests
  • Visitor Log
    VISITOR: check-in guests & notify hosts
  • Hoteling
    HOTELING: reserve a workspace for a specified period

Mail Application:

1Rivet's Mail cloud application facilitates our team's ability to seamlessly receive, sort, track, monitor and deliver incoming packages to our clients in a timely manner.

  • Designed to auto-notify customers when their package(s) are checked in
  • Ability to view outstanding items for delivery
  • Provide full accountability of package chain of custody
  • Recipient signature capture or contactless delivery (proof of delivery photo option)
  • Dashboard reporting

Digital Mail Application:

1Rivet's Digital Mail cloud application is used to digitize & route incoming mail to intended recipients for easy access and review.

  • Designed to auto-notify customers upon receipt of new mail
  • Securely scan mail into searchable data
  • Digital mail access tracking
  • Establish document retention schedules
  • Dashboard reporting
clients_brickston ltd mail confg

Copy It Application:

1Rivet's Copy It is a cloud-based job submission application for end users to utilize when submitting print requests.  The tool allows our clients to submit a print request form detailing the selected print/finish options, upload files, define due dates & delivery instructions. Copy It provides a real-time price quote prior to submission of the requested job.

  • Consolidated job submission tool (i.e. email, phone, walk ups)
  • Job status notifications
  • Easy to use
  • Monitor job status
  • Dashboard & chargeback reporting
1TrakIt-Copy It

Book It Application:

1Rivet's Book It is a cloud-based space reservation application used for managing conference rooms, amenities and associated services required to achieve a successful meeting experience.

  • Room setup/breakdown reminder notifications
  • Auto populate calendar entries
  • Provides unique catalog of available booking options
  • Set up/break down buffers
  • Dashboard reporting
1TrakIt-Book It

Fleet Application:

1Rivet's Fleet is a cloud application, utilized for managing a fleet of assets. The tool proactively keeps our clients abreast of equipment up-time, contract changes, upgrades/recommendations and reporting metrics.

  • Asset profile database (make/model/SN#/location/service provider)
  • Repository for all asset service requests
  • Monthly meter read capture for volume reporting
  • Track moves, relocations and installation of equipment configurations
  • Dashboard reporting
fleet management

Work It Application:

1Rivet's Work It is a cloud application used to log, assign & track service requests. It allows service requests to be scheduled, updated and monitored until completion.

  • Assign & track recurring duties
  • Capture ad-hoc requests
  • Assign priority levels
  • Photo authentication of completed tasks
  • Dashboard reporting

Visitor Application:

1Rivet's Visitor is a cloud application used to check-in guests, notify hosts and assist with security monitoring. The tool is designed to capture real-time reporting of visitor/host manifests.

Hoteling Application:

1Rivet's Hoteling is a cloud application used to reserve manage and maintain any shared workspace for a specified period. Our tool is designed to allow employees to conveniently reserve space online or onsite via walk-up kiosk.

  • Easy check-in/check-out process
  • Space utilization
  • Reservation monitoring
  • Dashboard reporting