1Rivet PublicWorks Platform

The 1Rivet PublicWorks PlatformTM (1RPPTM) is an integrated services platform designed to develop any large scale application.

1RPP consists of Core Components: the architectural building block that powers PublicWorks platform. These components can be used to extend the existing or build new functional components and integrate the platform with the existing internal or external systems.

Core Features:
Easier Customization:

1RPP is well-defined, isolated, and responsible for a business process. Here all modules are self-contained and do not depend directly on other components. Therefore, each module can be customized and tested in isolation without major effort.

Faster and Easier Integration:

1RPP is loosely coupled, which results in the ability for modules to communicate with each other using JSON or XML-based interfaces. Same interface standards and contract will be used for every type of Integration; this includes communication within the application, external applications, and web portal.


1RPP based application is controlled through 1Authority. 1Authority contains user credential, user group information, use role information and contains information on what data function is accessible to the user, so it secures the system from unwanted or unauthorized access.

Horizontal Scalability

1RPP architecture is SOA based and cloud-ready. So, if the solution is extended to include any additional functionality or if the number of user increases, the solution can be easily scaled without impacting the existing infrastructure components.

Core Components

These are the architectural building block that powers PublicWork platform. These components can be used to build new or extend the existing functional modules and External Gateways.

1data service
Data Store
Platform Utilities

Management Console: Can be used by Ministry technology support team to manage:

1Authority provides Identity and access control solution, which is integrated with all the core components within the PublicWorks platform. It is implemented as an AaaS (Authentication as a Service), so it can be easily integrated with the existing Government technology echo-system. 1Authority thus provides a secured integrated and unified platform for e-governance where existing technology echo-system can seamlessly integrate with PublicWorks Platform.

1Authority includes the following components to manage its core capabilities which is available to the technology support team to manage the solution in the production environment.

  • Access management: Manage users, and their access within the e-services portal.
  • Password Policies
  • Crypto-key
  • Federation Services: To enable external authentication gateways to be used to federate tax payer’s information.

1Authority Dashboard: Provides access to the summary dashboard and run-time reports related to access management. Some of the reports available are:

  • User permission audit report
  • User access report
  • Login failure or unauthorized access report

1EndPoint is the integration platform packaged as a part of PublicWorks platform. It is used by the platform to integrate 1TrackIT and e-Servicing Portal to Data Store and also used to integrate the PublicWorks platform with existing solutions implemented at the Ministry or any 3rd party solution.

Along with 1Authority, 1EndPoint provides a secured & integrated platform for e-governance and helps integrate existing technology echo-system can seamlessly integrate with PublicWorks Platform.

For development & configuration, 1EndPoint provides development studio which can be used to develop REST-JSON based service endpoint. It allows the development of both synchronous and asynchronous endpoints.

Once these services are deployed in production, 1EndPoint monitoring portal allows the system administrator to monitor these services.

Apart from the core components, 1EndPoint services can be extended through the following extensions available:

  • Notification Engine: can be used to send notifications to users. It supports portal, SMS and email notification.
  • Event Management: Services can generate events based on business conditions, and this extension can consume these events can take appropriate action through custom event processors.
  • Logging & Auditing: can be used by services to log and audit required information.
  • Change Capture: can be configured per service to capture data change in every service execution, which can be then used to load the data warehouse.
  • Rules Engine: can be used by services to implement & externalize complex business rules.

Responsible for validating and monitoring the quality of data collected by 1RPP. Includes two major functions:

- Control Framework: used to configure reconciliation rules and to identify discrepancies between various systems.

- DQ Engine: used to configure data quality rules.


An Integrated lightweight workflow system primarily used for case management. It can be used to develop new business processes or configure the existing business processes available in the functional modules.

1TrakIT generates the UI for the business processes based on the configuration, & it can be accessible through e-Servicing Portal. It can also be used as headless.

- initiate data correction workflow in case of failures.

Data Store

Apart from the Application database, the platform consists of the following 3 components:

Data Warehouse: By default, DW can be configured to capture data changes from the application database.

Document Management System: used by the platform to manage unstructured data or document.

Retention Policy Manager: used to configure retention policy for each data objects.

Platform Utilities

Consists of multiple tools which is used by the platform components or can be used by the development team to accelerate the development or configuration of a specific function.

1Data Services

1Dataservices is a web application designed to compare key data elements across multiple applications. If your data is not correct across systems, you are performing a data conversion or your company is merging from one platform to another, then 1Dataservices is right for you! 1Dataservices performs all the data reconciliation automatically and shows data discrepancies and variances across systems. It will tell you where and which systems the data is matching and the business can use the tool without relying on the IT department to code and develop special reports for them.

Data reconciliation

1DataServices data reconciliation framework is designed to automatically detect data issues and validate the matching data issues across systems. This allows the business and IT organization to focus and fix any data issues quickly and not worry about the accuracy of data.


1DataServices gives users access and visibility into data discrepancies and variances between and across systems. Each time 1DataServices is run it creates an audit trail and tells you the quality of your data. This information then can be shared with compliance, internal/external audit or accounting teams to prove the quality of your data.

Data Migration

1DataServices delivers automatic data migration matching and quality functionality within a data conversion project. Every data conversion project needs to determine if all the key data that was supposed to be migrated actually migrated to the new system. 1DataServices tells you if every key defined element made it over to the new system or not. Most importantly, it tells you where and what is missing or incorrect.

Taskie Pro
TaskiePro Project Management App

A web application to track thousands of tasks and hundreds of people while managing a project or repetitive events

Instantly interpret the tactical status of in-flight projects and events

Provides status reporting, and is fully auditable

Sue's Story
Sam's Story
Task Management

TaskiePro provides a central location for all tasks, overcoming the problem of tracking project status manually. It handles repeatable tasks and also links dependable tasks. Project Manager can check the status of all the tasks by using this excellent tool.


Any team member can log in to see which tasks are in progress, completed or not started. TaskiePro provides status of every project and event from a single screen


TaskiePro creates an auditable log showing when each task starts and finishes. In future audits, the log files show what got done, who did the task and when.


1Rivet product that merges information of the whole project to have quick access to current documents

It provides document templates and helps to structure information. These can be easily extended with a series of pre-defined documents, according to your requirements

Project Management

Documents, graphics, spreadsheets, reports—the average project entails hundreds of different files, often on dozens of different computers. Document Management handles all templates for various projects. Distribute templates instantly inside your company and with external members of your project teams

Document Review and Approval

The unique workflow engine allows users to benefit from a comprehensive project document management software feature set empowering users to define any kind of revision or approval process for all types of project documents

Project wise Documents
Project wise Documents
Upload and approve notification
Upload and approve notification
Sequential document approval
Sequential document approval

Our Test Automation framework consists of an on-demand test script execution engine and real-time reporting of execution results.

Automation Framework

Robust automation framework which can be incorporated in any web/mobile application. Easy test script creation to cope up with fast moving project development in an agile environment.

Behaviour Driven Testing approach which encourages participation of Business Analysts, QA, and Dev in test script creation.

Module wise object repository for easy maintenance of locators.

Automation Dashboard

Automation Dashboard is a one-stop solution for analysing the product quality.

Through Automation Dashboard QA, Business User can execute test scenarios on demand.

User can execute Single/Multiple scenarios or can run entire Smoke/Regression suite.

Update Test Data from Dashboard before execution.


Jenkins – Integration of Automation Script with Jenkins for Test execution post-deployment.

VersionOne – On test execution failure, Defect will be created having a stack trace of the same. This accelerator will be built during the discovery phase.

Sauce Lab – Test script execution on the cloud with multiple combinations of Devices, OS and Browsers. It can be tightly integrated with selenium to execute the script on sauce lab.

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