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We are extremely passionate about the business and technology services we provide to our clients, and we truly love what we do.

We are at our best partnering with both business and technology, collaborating as one unified team. Your success is our top priority.

Cloud & Application
1Rivet prides ourselves in forming strong, bonded partnerships with our clients, which is why time and time again they continue to trust us with their most critical and complex technology problems.
Advanced Analytics
The world is becoming more and more data-centric. From the point of entry, across your enterprise data landscape, into rich visualizations and advanced analytics, 1Rivet will help turn your data into true competitive advantage.
Intelligent RPA
Just about every organization battles with creating efficiency, improving productivity and minimizing cost. Automation and intelligent analytics are critical accelerators for human achievement.
Researching, designing and implementing "new technology" solutions is a challenge for most companies (time, cost, skills gap). 1Lab gives you the ability to quickly create POCs and prove your business case, before starting the project.
Advanced Analytics
Our experts will partner with you to identify immediate opportunities and apply the right technologies, accelerating you through the data maturity roadmap. Our Partnerships will give you quick access to new products, services, efficiencies, and revenue streams.
Established in 2005, with 225+ global employees, contact us to learn more about how 1Rivet is Redefining the Consulting Experience.
Our Services
Interactive Dashboards & Infographics
Data Architecture & Execution
Analytical / Predictive Reporting
Standards and Compliance Reporting
Big Data Strategy & Implementation
Our Work
- Analytics Strategy
Fermilab, a division of the US Department of Energy, needed to upgrade its analytics and performance management applications. The legacy dashboards that had been developed were out of date, inconsistent, and suffered from poor adoption. 1Rivet conducted a complete assessment of the business needs focusing on People, Process, Technology, and Data and developed a multi-year strategy, roadmap, and solution design.
- Advanced Analytics & AI
Integrated internal customer data with external market data to develop a predictive analytics solution based on clustering and segmentation. Solution enabled the identification of previously unknown identifiers of customer profitability and enabled targeted marketing of new customers.
Cloud & Application
Tomorrow’s world demands modernization of legacy applications and physical landscapes. We specialize in cloud migration and front-to-back enterprise transformation, giving you competitive advantages you need to succeed, today.
Established in 2005, with 225+ global employees, contact us to learn more about how 1Rivet is Redefining the Consulting Experience.
Our Services
Delivery Service to Production Support
Customer Experience
Architecture Services
Rapid Architecture Prototyping
Application Development & Testing
Cloud Strategy & Migration
Our Work
Leading Middle Market Lender
Leading Middle Market Lender
- Subledger Integration​
Setup enterprise applications for Antares Capital in Azure platform. Included: setting up and configurating enterprise applications; development of real time & batch based Integration services; custom app, DWH & reports development; and Selenium QA/regression automation suite
- Website And Mobile Apps​
1Rivet helped the client develop and deploy a website, web app and mobile apps that will allows organization to evaluate talent, deliver fast and accurate results that gives clarity on people who work for organization and overall landscape of the department, company – in real time.​
Experiment. Evaluate. Iterate. Accelerate.
What is 1Lab?
A leading-edge delivery center, where we work with our most innovative clients to:
  • Experiment with the newest emerging technologies
  • Evaluate which one(s) best fit your business and vision
  • Iterate new ideas into working prototypes / solutions
  • Accelerate your solution design and project delivery, with confidence!
1Lab will drastically reduce both cost & risk when modernizing your technology landscape
  • Quick delivery of working prototypes (~ 4 - 12 weeks)
  • Cost effective and confident estimation for your business case
    • We supply the licenses, environments and infrastructure
    • Experiment and learn without having to hire people with specialty skills
  • Avoid time-intensive "analysis paralysis" design cycles 
  • Improve predictability and confidence in delivering the larger, end-solution
  • Easy way to get to know us and understand our approach to modernization
Intelligent RPA - Our Services
Robotics Processing Automation (RPA) handles your organization's repetitive tasks, just as a human would but with increaible speed and with 100% accuracy... and it works 24X7!
Accelerating Achievement throught RPA
RPA will free up your workforce to do more engaging, more intelligent, more innovative work. Sit back and watch your business (and employee culture) flourish.
Increase efficiency & reduce costs
Increase efficiency & reduce costs
Improve customer satisfaction
Improve customer satisfaction 
Increase employeeengagement
Increase employee engagement
Reduce compliance risk
Reduce compliance
Self-Learning RPA
RPA has gotten more intelligent with the integration of Machine Learing (ML) with process automation. With this integration, RPA can make more intelligent decisions during process execution.
self learing

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