International Consulting

1Rivet’s International Consulting offering is powered by our PublicWorks Platform (1RPPTM).

It combines open source frameworks and Microsoft technology for deploying quick-start / leapfrog eGovernment solutions for developing and emerging markets.

1RPP contains rich functionality and best practices from 1Rivet’s years of experience deploying large-scale, complex public sector management information solutions across North America.

1Rivet International Experience and Roadmap

1Rivet personnel are experts in designing and delivering complex public sector IT solutions internationally. The following represents a roadmap of our key project experiences that are currently underway or expected to be in the near future.​

Previous or Current Near-term Roadmap

eGovernment For Developing & Emerging Markets

Emerging market governments, in order to drive significant revenue increases and satisfy the international donor and monetary community’s mandates require digitization and modernization of revenue collection, citizen engagement and public finance reform.  eFinance digitization and modernization has proven to:​

Generate massive accretive revenue and foster GDP growth

Drive compliance with multi-lateral development bank/IMF/etc. loans and private sector investment conditionality 

Facilitate trade and integration into global value chains;  elevating customs revenue, private sector growth and human development indices

1Rivet’s Public Works Platform (1RPPTM) is an integrated, holistic, cross-ministry eGovernment platform for developing and emerging market governments seeking ‘leapfrog’ technologies as facets of National Development Plans (NDPs), and to adhere to broader, internationally accepted “Sustainable Development Goals”. ​

1RPP provides an integrated, economical platform for the administration and collection of domestic tax, customs revenue, extractive industry royalties, property, land and other parafiscal revenue.​

eGovernment Revenue Recovery Powered By 1RPP

1RPP™ will provide modernization of administration, development of e-Government, and revenue generation. It will provide several benefits to the government, including:

Increased productivity and administrative performance (back office), from administrative management using paper to full paperless electronic management

Strengthening intra- and inter-government communication to optimize administrative channels and decision-making processes

Improving the services provided to citizens and businesses: the posting of documentation and administrative data of a public nature (reports, publications, documentation, texts, and administrative forms)

Real-time monitoring of revenues generated by in-country public and private operators

All built services will be configurable to meet ministry-specific requirements and policies or across multiple ministries.

1RPP Platform Overview

The 1Rivet PublicWorks Platform™ is an integrated eGovernment services platform that accelerates the implementation digitization or revenue recovery/assurance initiatives for developing or emerging markets.

Accelerates Time to Market: 6-8 months (maximum)

Cloud enablement including Microsoft Azure and hybrid cloud Microsoft Azure-stack

Functional Modules are configurable to meet ministry specific requirements and policies

Remote management and monitoring capabilities

External Connectors are pre-built integration services that can be configured or extended to work with IT investments and external systems

Infrastructure Services are managing and monitoring 1RPP infrastructure / environments

1RPP Enhancements Roadmap (including but not limited to): 

Significant advanced analytical functionality, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotics integration into core platform

Robust IOT connectivity, including EFDs and other smart fiscal devices

Increasingly robust cyber-resiliency

1Lab continuous investment to ensure 1RPP aligned with evolving and advanced eGovernment trends and best practices


clients & Case Studies

republic of congo
drc vat
End-to-End VAT processing platform (e-filing, payments & refund), extendable to additional tax types
drc eFinance
5 eGovernment/ e-Finance modules, ICT innovation and modernization


1Rivet PublicWorks Platform Overview
1Rivet Public-Private-Partnership Signing Ceremony with ROC Brazzaville (Ibombo)
1Rivet in DRC presenting and speaking about 1RPP at Horizon 2025 summit


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