A seamless and scalable app designed to help businesses bring their employees back to work safely when the time is right.

Antares Capital – D365

Migrated over $120B in syndicated financing deals from legacy systems to a net-new Azure-based application.

Antares Capital – IAT

Cloud-based custom Amortization Engine for Intercompany Asset Transfers (IAT) to combine the financial results for several subsidiary legal entities results into a single, consolidated organization.

Collectiv – Web/Mobile Application

Collectiv technology wanted to build a platform to make care servicing easier than ever. The platform wanted to connect car owners, Service center and fleet management company.

Antares Capital – Microsoft AX

Helped the client deliver a new general ledger system and migrate legacy data due to the divestiture of the parent company (GE Capital).


Helped the client develop and deploy a website, web app and mobile app that allows the organization to evaluate their talent and deliver fast and accurate results that give clarity on people who work for the organization and overall landscape of the organization in real-time.