A seamless and scalable app designed to help businesses bring their employees back to work safely when the time is right.

Manhattan Strategy Group – Portal

Helped client to develop and maintain system to manage multiple types of grants provided by government to multiple institutions to run their campus.

CapRelo – Data Warehouse

CapRelo was looking to upgrade their aging database. 1Rivet helped to define a solution of a unified data warehouse to manage their data from 2 separate databases (CapView and Phoenix).

CapRelo – Dashboard Redesign on Web Platforms

Helped the client redesign their aging CapView dashboard, used by their client’s like Walmart, to schedule employee relocations by providing a more user-friendly experience and enablement to mobile devices.


Helped the client develop and deploy a website, web app and mobile app that allows the organization to evaluate their talent and deliver fast and accurate results that give clarity on people who work for the organization and overall landscape of the organization in real-time.

Antares Capital – Data Warehouse

Helped the client create a custom Data Warehouse to enable enterprise-wide reporting including the measurement of risk and performance (to existing and potential investors).