Antares Capital – IAT

Cloud-based custom Amortization Engine for Intercompany Asset Transfers (IAT) to combine the financial results for several subsidiary legal entities results into a single, consolidated organization.

1Rivet Developed Azure PaaS based middleware feed between LoanIQ (sub-ledger) and DAX365 (ledger) to handles the consolidation of general ledger entries related to an intercompany trades and elimination of Profit &Loss by daily amortizations to the specific entity dimension.


  • Developed the Azure Cloud based Web application which ensure the consolidated of Intercompany GL Entries and ensuring they are not inflated due to transactions occurring between subsidiaries or companies in the group.
  • Application records all the intercompany transactions including adjustments which impacts the Portfolio amount of the entity that resulted in the consolidated accounts.
  • Azure Logic App Posts Daily GL Entries of Amortizations to DAX365 as part of Elimination, which reduces the manual calculations of amortizations of monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
  • Application Azure database store consolidated data and intercompany elimination entries to provide a big advantage when auditing financial statements.
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Scope Of Service