Antares Capital – Test Automation

Implementation of test automation framework and automate key manual test scenarios/case for LoanIQ Functionality to reduce regression test cycle and increase test coverage.

1Rivet helped Antares to automate 300+ Functional test cases for LoanIQ application by using Squish test automation tool. Improved accuracy of testing by eliminating the need for manual input as part of testing.


  • Automated manual Testing of LoanIQ Functionality by using Squish test automation tool and integrate automated script with Microsoft VSTS. Integration helped in performing test execution and update test results on VSTS dashboard.
  • Reduction in regression testing time and manual efforts by 50%.
  • Regression test suites of Test Automation can be configurable and executed as per the relevant test suites created.
  • This can help team to execute the test suite based on specific test scenarios identified for specific functionality of LoanIQ including the Scenarios which is dependent on LoanIQ Batch.
  • Ability to test future LoanIQ Hotfixes or Version upgrades efficiently and effectively.
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