Automation of Tax Reports

Helped UHY automate generation of their EFS (Tax) & workstream reports on configurable scheduled dates. Once these reports are generated, Robot creates individualized report for each employees and sends email to these employees.

1Rivet helped the client to automate the generation of EFS reports – unreleased & rejected and workstream reports. The robot is scheduled to run at predefine time & day and generates these reports from Access Workstream solution. The dates are configurable& can be updated at any time. Once these reports are generated, Robot generates individualized report for each employee and emails it to them.

Apart from the scheduled dates, the report can also be triggered by sending an email to the robot.


Both these reports were manually generated and emailed. The automation includes two process:

  • Generate EFS unreleased and rejected reports: In this process, the reports are generated by applying filters in the tax portal for all the matters in the firm. The report is generated in an excel format & send over to all the relevant staff members in the firm.The filters in the report are also automated in the excel sheet so that users don’t have to do any additional steps of filtration. The reports are either generated at scheduled dates or can be generated on-demand.
  • Generate workstream report: Like the EFS reports, the workstream reports of all the projects in the firm ate generated by the robot. To generate the report for all the projects in the firm requires a lot of time & effort from the staff members & hence automation was the need of an hour. After automation, the reports are generated for all the accepted & rejected project IDs.

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