Ebilling Automation

Automated the ebilling process for Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney by automating invoice generation from their financial software and uploading it to ebilling solutions – Legal exchange and Legal solution.

1Rivet helped the client to automate the invoice generation & uploading process for Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney’s ebilling team.

The automated process starts when e-billing team send an email to the robot with client name. The robot extracts & prepares invoices from elite solution. Once this is completed, the robot uploads the invoices to ebilling solutions (Legal exchange and Legal solution) specific to the client. Once the entire process is completed, robot sends a status remail to the billing team.


The automation is build using UiPath. It includes two process:

  • Invoice Generation Process: In this process, the invoices need to be generated for all the pending matters for all the clients. As the clients & their matters kept increasing exponentially, the process of doing it manually leads to a lot of man-hours. Afterautomation, e-billers just send an email to the robot, the bot then goes into the elite system, feeds proper data based on the instruction & generates invoices for all the pending matters of a client and arranges these invoices in client specific folder. Thee-billers are notified when the invoices are generated.
  • Upload Invoice Process: Once the invoices are generated, the same needs to be uploaded in the uploading systems with proper expenses. The robot will pick the generated invoices & expenses from the defined folder, opens the uploading system in the browser ofa specific client & uploads the invoice. Before automation, all these steps were manually executed that consumed lot of time.

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