Escape the Lab

Implemented a web-based escape game for the users to increase the engagement on the website. The escape game touched the cognitive side of the users & designed with a lot of sounds & visual effects to make the game more intriguing & competitive. A leader-board is also maintained to see who has escaped the game faster & in how much time.

1Rivet helped the client build a web portal for the users of the S3 Agency team where users can register for the game & play through it. The game is orchestrated to play around the four walls. Each wall has different objects & hints users to find & try to escape the game.  The game is packed with piquant videos, visuals & sound effects to preserve the concentration of the users.

For ease, a hint section is provided to users to help them identify the clue & escape the game.


• User registration.

• A leader board that will the display the members-list leading the game.

• Welcome video.

• An email will be sent to users with results.

• Help Section.

• An escape game.

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