Maynard Cooper – RPA

Helped client automate their monthly billing process using UiPath.

Helped client automate their monthly billing process using UiPath. The automated process includes generation of prebill, bill correction based on Attorney’s feedback, generation of the final bill which is emailed to the clients or is sent to a printer for printing.


This solution is completely built on UiPath platform.  The automated process includes:

  • Generation of prebill: This process manually used to take 3-4 days to complete and includes generation of about 30,000+ prebill, consolidating the prebill for some of the attorney’s based on their preference, generating Microsoft word file and emailing it to the Attorney for validation or correction. After automation, this process which is trigger by an email runs at night and completes the process by morning (6-7 hours)
  • Bill correction: Once the Attorney receives the prebill, they either accept the prebill or send the corrections to the prebill. Once the robot receives the confirmation from Attorney via email, Robot generates the final bill (if accepted) or regenerates the prebill with correction applied to their legal solution. If there is any issue in correction process, Robot emails the details to billing coordinator.

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