Helped the client develop and deploy a website, web app and mobile app that allows the organization to evaluate their talent and deliver fast and accurate results that give clarity on people who work for the organization and overall landscape of the organization in real-time.

  • Streamlined evaluation processes (Saves time, easy to use, deliver fast and accurate result that gives more clarity on employees.
  • Comparison between departments and Employees
  • A decision-making system
  • Employee management
  • Customized dashboard with roll-based widget management


  • Multi Tenant Database Architecture
  • Enable credit card payments
  • Subscription model
  • Designed with 1Rivet frameworks – 1Endpoint and 1Authority
  • Based on Xamarin – Apps for both iOS and Android
  • Based on Angular – Web-Application
  • Leveraged 1Authority for Authentication & authorization and 1EndPoint for developing REST endpoint
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Scope Of Service