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Engage with clients on a personal level and broaden audience reach with 1Rivet’s custom web and mobile app development services.

Custom App Development Services to Build Your Brand

Ready to engage your audience and personalize the user experience? Partner with an industry-leading custom app development company today.

Why work with us?

  • Develop a custom app—from RPA consulting to deployment—with support from your own custom mobile app development company.
  • Stand out from the competition when you build custom, feature-rich, and cost-effective apps.
  • Scale effortlessly—all by design. Custom application development puts you in the driver’s seat.
  • Drive conversions and boost your facilities management with an optimized user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
  • Get the support you need—when you need it. Our responsive team is always ready to resolve issues as they arise.

Legacy systems and canned software will only get you so far. Take your business to the next level, with 1Rivet’s custom mobile app development and Microsoft Dynamics 365 —on time, on budget, on point.

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Our Clients

Brands that Trust Us Our Custom Mobile App Development

Our Clients

Brands that Trust Us Our Custom Mobile App Development


See What Our Clients Say About Custom Software App Development


See What Our Clients Say About Custom Software App Development

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Our Custom App Development Services

Why Choose 1Rivet for Custom App Development Services?
Custom App Development
Cloud-Based Infrastructure
Production Support
Strategic Consulting & Development

Great custom app design is all about adding value to your organization and  working with a team you trust.

From day 1, our team:

  • Takes the time to understand your micro- and macro-technologies
  • Brings 14+ years of industry experience to the table
  • Remains aligned with your business objectives

Ask the right questions, get the right answers—and stand out from the competition with your own custom app.

Custom App Development

Embrace an agile development team and build custom apps from scratch, all the way to deployment—all within your budget.

With our flexible approach to custom app development, get the manpower you need: whether fully outsourced, a mix of onshore and offshore workers, or just a little extra firepower, we have the solution for you.

Builds apps for multiple platforms, including:

  • Android and iOS
  • Windows
  • And more

Collect customer data and important information with GPS and GIS capabilities, camera and video access, and advanced haptics technology.

Testing and Quality Control

Build your app securely with extensive testing resources for every project, guaranteeing that both your business and tech requirements are met. Being fast is great, but doing it right is better.

Quality control transcends platforms with:

  • Native app development
  • Hybrid app development
  • And more

Powered by JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, your app is deployed easily across multiple platforms with seamless performance.

Development & Operations—All in One

When you work with 1Rivet, your DevOps team combines a wealth of software and IT knowledge to integrate user feedback, reduce delivery times, and improve application quality—without going over budget.

Integrate your app seamlessly into operations with:

  • Third-party APIs
  • IoT
  • Custom databases
  • Bluetooth
  • And more
Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Custom applications don’t run in a vacuum. That’s why we assess and upgrade your existing IT infrastructure to ensure our custom apps are optimized for performance in every environment.

Guarantee your app runs optimally for users with powerful cloud-based architecture, local data caches, and easy-to-use scalability, as well as for users who need facilities management services.

Production Support

Your team’s job doesn’t end with the deployment of your custom app. We’re always standing by to provide fast and effective tech support.

Receive support from the same team that built the app and enjoy a a consistent experience pre and post launch.

Custom App Development Services
Why Build Custom Apps?

Why build  a custom-developed app? Many reasons—from security and scalability to SEO optimization.

Automate Workflows

Custom apps do what off-the-shelf apps can’t. They streamline processes to eliminate bottlenecks and boost productivity.

Offer Something Unique

Stand out from the crowd by delivering a one-of-a-kind app that boasts robust security and optimized performance.

The User Always Comes First

Excellent app design starts with the user in mind.

UI/UX App Design

We believe that good UI/UX is both intuitive and beautiful. It’s one of the best ways to generate leads and boost conversions.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Reach more people with 1Rivet RPA services. We offer cross-platform and hybrid app development so your product runs effortlessly across many environments.

Custom Mobile App Development

Level Up Your Customer With Custom Mobile Applications

Partner with an experienced development team that understands your business objectives—partner with 1Rivet.

Level Up Your Customer With Custom Mobile Applications

Partner with an experienced development team that understands your business objectives—partner with 1Rivet.

Case Studies

Discover why 1Rivet is one of the leading custom mobile app development companies.

1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration and custom development in ShipMonk’s instance, including:
1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration and custom development in CGS’s instance, including:
Ashley Furniture
1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration in Ashley Furniture’s instance, including:
Automation of GL maintenance
Automated NAC’s monthly process of maintaining general ledger in NetSuite using UiPath.
RPA - Automation of monthly billing process
Helped client automate their monthly billing process using UiPath.
Cash Matching Automation using RPA & Machine Learning
Automated end-to-end process for matching cash using wire instruction received from their treasury system.

What is Custom App Development? Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Custom App Development?

Custom app development gives businesses the unique opportunity to ensure their digital solutions are crafted exactly to specification.

Whether creating a brand new application or sprucing up an existing one, custom apps provide far more than just run-of-the-mill features—they can be secured and scaled at will for maximum efficiency while helping firms save time and money in the process.


2. How Much Does Custom Retail App Development Cost?

Developing a custom app can be an expensive endeavor, and the cost is determined by several factors.

If you're looking for something on a small to medium scale, that could run anywhere from $50k up to a quarter of million dollars.

However, if your vision is larger in scope or complexity, then it may need more time, leading to higher costs—well over seven figures!

You should also keep ongoing maintenance and licensing in mind.


3. What Benefits Will My Business Get From a Custom App?

With the support of a custom app, you can:

  • Provide personalized experiences for customers
  • Automate tasks
  • Streamline processes
  • And more

You’re also able to collect valuable data and insights on user behavior, allowing them to optimize their operations and make informed decisions.

Your custom app is an essential tool for staying competitive, improving your bottom line, and providing a better customer experience.


4. How Long Does it Take to Have Custom Software Designed?

Generally speaking (and including factors like project complexity), designing a custom app can take several weeks to several months.

Factors that can impact the timeline include necessary features and functions, UX design, and any back-end systems that need to be integrated.

Allow enough time for thorough design and testing—that will tell you if the app is performing up to par.

Comprehensive Custom App Solutions

Choosing 1Rivet for your custom app development company means you get:

  • Legacy Platform Upgrades
    You don’t always need to start from scratch. We can update your old systems by refactoring, replatforming, or rewriting.
  • Mobile App Development
    Our experienced team builds mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating systems, using React Native, Swift, and more.
  • Stay on Budget
    Leverage the power of the Agile methodology to keep your custom app development cost on target. We also offer fixed-fee projects.

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