1Rivet– Deputy’s Full Service Partner

Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning

Export data form Deputy to any system or location using our custom connectors.

To enable data enrichment or custom data extraction not supported by existing Deputy integrations, 1Rivet can build or extend a custom data exporter specific to your data provisioning needs.



Does your company require Deputy to sync with other systems or vice-versa? Whether it's on-premises or in the cloud, uni-directional or bi-directional, 1Rivet Data Services acts as a mediator between Deputy and any other system, whether it's an HRIS, POS or Payroll system.



1Rivet is a certified Deputy partner, having been directly trained by Deputy Solution Consultants on the full suite of functionality that the Deputy software has to offer.

We can configure your Deputy instance, customize your account settings, add your people, enable awards and define custom pay conditions specific to your organization.

Project delivery

Project Delivery

End-to-end rollout of deputy across your organization.

1Rivet can assist you from project management, requirements gathering, configuration, pilot testing, integration with other systems, and roll-out of deputy across entire organization.

Managed services

Managed Services

1Rivet can assist you in monitoring, maintaining and defect management that arise in or around your Deputy instance, including data provisioning, integration, and configuration change for a fixed monthly fee.



1Rivet is able to provide the full suite of training & support, both pre- and post-deployment of your Deputy instance.

In-depth training topics such as custom pay condition and complex overtime rules by city/state/county are examples of what your organization may need to increase Deputy rollout.

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We are extremely passionate about the business and technology services we provide to our clients, and we truly love what we do.

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