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what APS is?

The Attendance Points System (APS) provides you with the functionality to track and quantify your employee’s attendance. The APS system uses configurable rules assess points for absences, tardiness, late arrivals, early departures and late return from lunch or break

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What actually APS does?


Quantify attendance issues using
points that are tallied based on customizable rules

Attain your point score based on rules

Employees can view their
attendance history at any
time using a report in Deputy.

All set to make informed decisions based on APS

Easy to use reports and notifications provide visibility to attendance information at that empower your management team.


The APS rules encourage employees
to minimize tardiness as rules
can be configured to count
increasing amount of points
as the time of tardiness increases.


After accumulating a certain
number of points, your
employees are subject to disciplinary action


Additionally, points may be reduced from an employee’s record after several months of perfect attendance. It ultimately depends on how the company sets up the points-based parameters

How actually does APS benefits?

Totally integrated solution based within Deputy.
A convenient way to keep track of your team's shifts, time-offs, and stay aware of all the critical things altogether in an app
Detailed insight on punctual employee integrity, helps identify attendance trends by teams, groups, and departments.
Helps your management teams to make well-informed decision based on incident trackings.
With this data, you’ll be able to correct existing attendance problems and even anticipate future problems before they happen.
Increased Transparency by Encouraging employees to keep an eye on rules related to excessive absenteeism, tardiness, and other requirements outlined in your Policy.
Your point system can help you track and build an attendance history for each employee. This information can be useful when it’s time for performance reviews.
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