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Why choose 1Rivet for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation?

  • Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks with Finance and Operations for Dynamics, revolutionizing your workflow for better efficiency.
  • Embrace solutions that fit like a glove. We customize Dynamics F&O to address the way you do business.
  • Supercharge your business growth with 1Rivet’s RPA technology. You’ll boost process efficiency and pave the way for your success, all backed by 14+ years of expertise.
  • Effortlessly blend the new with the old. We seamlessly integrate Dynamics F&O into your existing systems.
  • Navigate financial and operational complexities with confidence. Our experts make implementing Dynamics Financial and Operations services a sure success.

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Our Clients

Companies That Trust Us

Our Clients

Companies That Trust Us


How We Lead the Way in Tool Implementations


How We Lead the Way in Tool Implementations

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How We Implement Dynamics for Finance and Operations

Custom Implementations
Consulting for Dynamics
Ongoing Monitoring & Support
Custom Application Development
Migration Services
Integration Services

Custom Implementations

We redefine the Microsoft Dynamics implementation process, ensuring your investment in Dynamics 365 F&O aligns perfectly with your strategic vision.

Our approach includes assembling a cross-functional team, drawing expertise from various departments to ensure a holistic view of your organization's needs.

Our team's deep understanding of Dynamics 365's capabilities allows us to conduct a thorough process review, analyzing and documenting your existing business processes for optimal Microsoft 365 integration.

We assess your current systems and tools for compatibility with Dynamics 365, ensuring a smooth transition. Data is meticulously cleansed and prepared for migration, ensuring quality and consistency.

We also don't just implement—we educate, with tailored testing and training for different roles in your organization. Finally, our rollout and evaluation process is designed to tackle go-live challenges and promote continuous improvement.

Consulting for Dynamics

Our team excels in business analysis, adeptly gathering functional requirements and mapping out processes that align with your unique business objectives.

We also take pride in developing detailed Functional Design Documents (FDD). We’re here to ensure clarity and precision in every step of your implementation.

Our expertise extends to functional installation and configuration, where we meticulously set up Dynamics F&O to fit your specific needs.

But our service doesn’t stop at installation—we conduct thorough user acceptance testing to guarantee seamless functionality.

Training is also a critical component of our offering. We provide key user training, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of Dynamics F&O. Our support continues through go-live and beyond.

Ongoing Monitoring & Support

For Dynamics F&O, we leverage end-to-end monitoring, incorporating advanced active monitoring techniques and data correlation that combines application-layer and network-layer data.

This strategic approach is essential not just for initial Dynamics 365 rollouts but also for monitoring established deployments.

Our goal?

To establish performance baselines and ensure the best possible user experience for internal users, making 1Rivet an indispensable partner in your Dynamics 365 journey.

Custom Application Development

We excel in crafting custom apps for Dynamics F&O, ensuring each phase of development is meticulously handled for outstanding results.

In the design phase, following thorough analysis, we focus on technical design as the project's cornerstone. The outcome is a detailed design document covering configurations, interfaces, database modifications, process flow, software modifications, security design, and server architecture.

The development phase involves a rigorous review of design documents with subject matter experts (SMEs), followed by customizations and configurations. This phase includes alpha testing by the company and a feedback loop for necessary modifications.

Integration testing is critical, aiming to ensure realistic application of the project with a final pre-launch review for a "Go/No-Go" decision. We rigorously test for customizations, design integrity, interface communication, and accuracy.

Post-launch, we remain committed with ongoing monitoring and a robust support plan to address concerns and provide access to skilled professionals

Migration Services

Migrating from a legacy system to a newer version often presents significant challenges, but with 1Rivet, these complexities become manageable and hassle-free.

Our approach minimizes disruption, maximizes efficiency, and ensures a smooth transition to the latest Dynamics 365 platform.

With 1Rivet, you can confidently step into the future of advanced business solutions, leaving behind the limitations of outdated systems.

Integration Services

Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, we utilize a range of integration tools designed to enable Dynamics 365 integration without the need for manual coding.

These tools grant you the autonomy to expand integration capabilities, often with a straightforward cost structure.

For scenarios where specific integration needs surpass available tools, we craft custom integration solutions—offering tailored functionality to precisely meet your unique requirements.

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Dynamics for Finance and Operations

How We Handle Implementations

We take on implementations with a meticulously structured and comprehensive approach.

We kick off the project, laying down a clear blueprint for the implementation, which undergoes a rigorous review and approval process.

Our Implementation phase is characterized by in-depth education through implementation workshops and ongoing monitoring, ensuring that every aspect of the system aligns with your business needs.

During the Design and Build stages, we develop solutions tailored to your specific requirements, preparing them for deployment.

As we approach Go Live, we conduct a thorough readiness assessment, followed by exhaustive testing and extensive education to ensure your team is fully prepared.

Post-launch, our Support phase kicks in with continued education and a final review to ensure the implementation meets all objectives.

Implement Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations With 1Rivet


Choosing 1Rivet for Dynamics F&O implementation not only means partnering with a team at the forefront of technological expertise and reliability but also engaging with seasoned experts in data-driven ERP architecture and delivery.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re celebrated for our deep proficiency in Microsoft technologies and our unwavering commitment to the highest service standards.

Our recognition is supported by our extensive experience in large-scale data migration, a critical success factor in ERP implementations.

We also understand that a successful financial system hinges on well-structured and complete data, ensuring CFOs and Controllers' approval.

Tailored Solutions

Our expertise is built on a foundation of over 14 years of experience with Microsoft products and RPA, providing us with nuanced insights into Dynamics F&O.

This allows us to tailor solutions that align perfectly with the way you do business.

Team Expertise

Our team includes technical architects and delivery leads with significant experience in ERP implementation, including leading global teams.

Our understanding of the macro-level scope necessary for the planning and execution of projects helps set the foundation for every implementation—to keep it smooth, seamless, and successful.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Dynamics F&O Implementations Made Simple

Seamless integration, expert consultation, and assured success.

Dynamics F&O Implementations Made Simple

Seamless integration, expert consultation, and assured success.

Case Studies

Discover why 1Rivet is one of the leading implementers of Dynamics for Finance and Operations.

1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration and custom development in ShipMonk’s instance, including:
1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration and custom development in CGS’s instance, including:
Ashley Furniture
1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration in Ashley Furniture’s instance, including:
Automation of GL maintenance
Automated NAC’s monthly process of maintaining general ledger in NetSuite using UiPath.
RPA - Automation of monthly billing process
Helped client automate their monthly billing process using UiPath.
Cash Matching Automation using RPA & Machine Learning
Automated end-to-end process for matching cash using wire instruction received from their treasury system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Implementation


What support do you provide during an implementation?

During an implementation, we provide comprehensive support that includes in-depth education through implementation workshops and ongoing monitoring to ensure every system aspect aligns with your business needs.

Post-launch, we offer continuous education and a final review for a smooth transition, ensuring the implementation meets all objectives and your team is fully prepared for the new system.


What security measures will be included in our implementation plan/services?

We ensure robust security measures. This includes a thorough process review and documentation, meticulous data cleansing for migration, and setting up secure configurations and interfaces.

The focus is on ensuring data integrity and secure server architecture, adhering to the high standards of a Microsoft Gold Partner.


Do you do ongoing maintenance and monitoring after implementation is complete?

Yes, we provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring after implementation is complete. We leverage end-to-end monitoring techniques, incorporating advanced active monitoring methods, and data correlation.

This approach is essential for both initial rollouts and monitoring established Dynamics 365 deployments, to ensure optimal performance and user experience.


How long will it take to implement our solution?

The length of your implementation process relies on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the project.

Your project can take as few as 4 weeks, or over 12—all depending on the business requirements you need to meet, your budget, and more.

Transform Your Business Landscape With Dynamics F&O

From customized integration to mastering complexities – elevate your efficiency and growth with our expert Dynamics F&O implementation.

Why choose 1Rivet for your Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation?

  • Revolutionize efficiency with our Dynamics F&O implementation. You’ll transform manual drudgery into automated productivity.
  • Discover a perfect fit with 1Rivet’s customized solutions for Dynamics F&O, tailored to your unique business DNA.
  • Elevate your growth trajectory with 1Rivet’s RPA technology, catalyzing efficiency and unlocking new business horizons.
  • Seamlessly integrate the new with the old, as we expertly weave Dynamics F&O into your existing systems.
  • Master financial and operational complexities with 1Rivet, where expert implementation ensures your success.

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