Administrative / Project Support


Administrative Assistants

Our Administrative Assistants are fully cross-trained to provide exceptional support for your Executive Leadership Team or internal departments. Key duties performed:

  • Fully cross-trained professional
  • Monitor internal departmental communications
  • Schedule appointments and maintain Executive's calendar
  • Prepare communications, such as memos, emails, invoices, reports and other correspondence
  • Manage expense accounts, department expenditures, invoices, office supply ordering and travel/bookings
  • Handle internal and external correspondence
  • Coordinate logistics for meetings and conference calls
  • Maintain department logs, reports, and/or data entry for functional databases

Project Support

We collaboratively assist our clients with the development of scalable solutions; consisting of friendly business professionals, best-in-class technologies & processes to achieve project goals. 1Rivet maintains a pool of qualified resources who are approachable, customer focused and empowered to deliver exceptional service.

Let us staff your project and do the heavy lifting for you!

Reception / Front Desk Services


Our 1Rivet team understands the importance of a great first impression. Your front desk is the public face of your organization and the first point of contact for all your guests. For this reason, there is no other area where exceptional service can make more of a difference. We employ experienced, welcoming receptionists and front desk concierges, all who will wow your clients with courteous professionalism ensuring their comfort upon arrival. 1Rivet will deploy our proprietary, cloud-application 1TrakIt-Visitor to check in all visitors and auto-notify hosts of their guests arrival.

Services provided by our trained staff include:

  • Manage visitor badging, maintain security awareness
  • Attend to all visitors and announce their arrival
  • Screen all calls and direct accordingly
  • Manage conference room scheduling
  • Facilitate catering requests
  • Provide general administrative and clerical support
  • Maintain a tidy, presentable front desk / reception area
  • Concierge Support - recommending restaurants, hotels, etc.

Conference Center Support


Business meetings can be extremely stressful for chairpersons and event organizers. 1Rivet takes pride assisting our clients with the management of their conference room & event center needs by utilizing 1Rivet's cloud-application, 1TrakIt-Book It.  Our on-site team will configure room layouts specific to your event requirements.  We ensure all conference spaces are professionally maintained in appearance, well stocked with amenities and working equipment. 1Rivet's goal is to provide our clients with a seamless meeting experience.

A professionally maintained meeting room contributes to the success of a meeting and creates a strong first impression. Examples of duties performed include:

  • Chairs tucked in at consistent height
  • Room configured per request
  • Window blinds are uniform and level
  • Tabletops are wiped of food, beverage rings and fingerprints
  • Monitors are wiped clean
  • Baseline office supplies are stocked and at par level
  • Display updated phone directory in each room
  • Whiteboard maintenance
  • Cables neatly bundled
  • A/V projector warmed up / turned off
  • Equipment functionality tested
  • Catering set up with all required tableware
  • Food & trash removal between meetings

Hospitality Services


1Rivet will service and stock all convenience pantry / kitchen areas. We utilize our cloud-application, 1TrakIt-Work It to assign daily duties associated with the maintenance of these areas. Each pantry / kitchen will be barcoded for our staff to scan upon completion of service. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Clean kitchenette areas
  • Wipe down all appliances, equipment, tables, sinks and countertops
  • Deep clean refrigerators and freezers
  • Send refrigerator / freezer cleaning email reminder 24-48 hrs. in advance
  • If applicable, run the dishwasher at the end of the day
  • Stock tableware and condiments (paper products, utensils, coffee supplies)
  • Rotate perishables to avoid expiration
  • Manage inventory of supplies and place orders
  • Escalate 3rd party appliance / equipment service requests

Supply Management


Many organizations overlook the importance of supplies until an important deadline requires an out of stock item.  Avoid unnecessary fire drills and stress. It is critical to have supplies well organized in a central location while leveraging established controls and cost recovery programs.  Well stocked and organized supplies contribute to a positive work environment that supports meeting initiative deadlines.

Our 1Rivet team will ensure the management of supplies is reliable and consistent, facilitating a productive workplace.  1Rivet will efficiently order, track, stock, organize, distribute and recover associated cost for supplies within your organization.

Mailroom / Shipping & Receiving / Loading Dock


1Rivet deploys experienced subject matter experts, industry best practices and our cloud-application 1TrakIt-Mail, to effectively manage the processing of all inbound/outbound mail and packages while maintaining the chain of custody.  Our on-site team provides the guidance needed to identify the most cost-effective domestic and international shipping options available.  By outsourcing Mailroom / Shipping & Receiving / Loading Dock operations to 1Rivet, you can count on your deliverables being received by the intended recipients in a timely, professional manner.

  • Loading Dock Management
  • Security
  • Asset / Inventory Management
  • Warehousing
  • Fulfillment - pick, pack & ship services
  • Inbound
  • Utilize cloud-application, 1TrakIt-Mail
  • Sort and deliver mail at scheduled run times
  • 1Rivet personnel will open and log Mystery Mail, routing it to the correct POC
  • Maintain clear chain of custody & accountability for all Accountable Express mail
  • 1Rivet provides contactless delivery and/or attain the recipient's signature upon delivery
  • Outbound
  • Identify most cost-effective shipping options
  • Maintain an inventory of shipping supplies
  • Process outbound USPS mail and accountable express
  • Maintain postage meter balance and supplies
  • Coordinate courier pick up upon request
  • Metrics & chargeback reporting



For a business to operate successfully, there must be multiple processes in place that support the core business of an operation – and that's where facilities management comes in.  The 1Rivet team will act as the centralized point of contact for coordination of all office service needs, immediately addressing requests, whether it be via our on-site team or escalating the incident to a 3rd party service provider. Our team will leverage our cloud-application, 1TrakIt-Work It to record, prioritize, track and report on all service requests; maximizing the facility's amenity & infrastructure uptime.  

1Rivet's personnel will perform daily inspections of lobbies, conference rooms, convenience centers and common areas to ensure the spaces are clean and maintained properly.  Duties included but not limited to:

  • Troubleshoot and perform all light maintenance requests
  • Generate work order tickets
  • Space planning / internal personnel moves, adds and changes
  • Security/access badges / key inventory
  • Supply inventory of tools
  • Source, identify & coordinate 3rd party service providers for the following:
  • Elevators
  • Fire & Life Safety Systems
  • Generator
  • Structure & Siding
  • Windows
  • Roof inspection & repair
  • Electrical
  • HVAC Equipment & Controls
  • Snow Removal
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Parking Lots & Structures
  • Parking Garage Services
  • Exterior Landscape
  • House Plants
  • Other

Smart Lockers


Our 1Rivet Mail team will process inbound accountable packages and deliver them to our secure, stand-alone locker systems located at our client sites. Our locker systems are easy to deploy and can be installed indoors and outdoors, for an easy, contactless package transfer experience.

Keysto our success include:

  • Customizable package locker solutions
  • Promotes social distancing, contactless delivery
  • 24/7 availability
  • Security monitoring
  • Improved efficiency & accountability
  • Fully integrated with mailroom software & notification features
  • Metric reporting

Print Production


1Rivet's on-site team provides copy, print, finishing and scanning services for our clients. Our team utilizes 1Rivet's cloud-application, 1TrakIt-Copy It to automate job submission, fulfillment, production management and chargeback reporting. Our experienced team is trained to effectively meet deadlines by using our processes and technologies while consistently communicating with our clients. Keys to our success include:

  • 1TrakIt-Copy It for managing print request life cycle
  • Power user consultation
  • Analyze & recommend print center enhancements:
  • - Center layout
  • - Document workflow
  • - Clean, declutter
  • Inventory, restock and establish par level for all equipment and print supplies
  • Coordinate proactive servicing of third-party equipment
  • Leverage 1Rivet's Offsite Print Production Center
  • Metrics & chargeback reporting

Customer Service


1Rivet will staff your Customer Service Center with personnel who understand your organization's brand and are empowered to deliver first-class customer support. Leave your hiring, training and service level management to us. Our teams are available to work either on-site or remotely ensuring redundancy and 24/7 support.

  • Customized cloud-based Call Center solution with intelligent routing
  • Scalable labor staffing consisting of talented, friendly representatives
  • Agent training and continuous education of products
  • Script creation
  • Collaborative escalation procedures
  • Metrics & trends reporting

Fulfillment Services


1Rivet's fulfillment services can include on-site printing, storage, packaging, shipping and reporting for each order.  We will cost-effectively fulfill and ship your orders in a timely manner.  Careful planning and organization are necessary as well as having a well outlined and smooth order fulfillment process.  Our management of on-site fulfillment services will confidently position your company to focus on more critical business initiatives.  Examples of duties performed include:

    • Maintain par-level inventory for all managed SKUs on our well organized and labeled shelving
    • Quality control checks of orders prior to shipping
    • Delivery tracking info notifications
    • Metrics & trends reporting

    Managed Print Services


    1Rivet is strategically positioned to offer a variety of solutions and tools that help organizations optimize their print, copy and scanning needs via our partnerships with resellers for the leading manufacturers. We analyze device placement, usage data and trends to determine an efficient fleet configuration tailored to your organization's needs.

    1Rivet's on-site team proactively maximizes copier/printer fleet uptime by servicing each asset and maintaining an inventory of consumables. In addition, our team provides:

    • First level maintenance support
    • Issue escalation to 3rd party service providers
    • Equipment training to staff on device features
    • Assets and incident tracking within 1Rivet's cloud application, 1TrakIt-Fleet
    • Metrics & trends reporting

    Hoteling Services


    1Rivet strives to provide our client's hoteling guests with a consistently healthy workplace experience. Professionally maintained hoteling spaces contribute to the organization's success by making it easy for employees to work closely together or distanced while staying productive. We utilize our cloud application, 1TrakIt-Hoteling to track reservations to ensure each location is clean and prepped for the next visitor.

    Our onsite teams will sanitize and professionally maintain all collaborative and hoteling workspaces such as desks, cubicles, offices and touch-down stations. Examples of duties performed include:

      • Ensure office kiosk(s) are wiped clean throughout the day
      • Pre-stock and distribute office supply caddies upon request
      • Assist with documenting your organization's "Clean Desk Policy"
      • Sanitize and declutter shared workspaces so they are always available for use
      • Deploy and maintain conveniently located “PPE” stations throughout the office



      1Rivet will transform your hard-copy documents to digital format, freeing up valuable real estate while ensuring your data is securely backed up and easily accessible.  Our teams are trained to carefully handle your files by following our strict Quality Assurance Program resulting in accurate searchable data. In addition, our teams will re-assemble your original documents and transfer them to labeled boxes for offsite storage, tracking and retrieval. We are prepared to provide our Digitization Services both onsite or offsite depending on your needs.

      Document Management


      In an effort to optimize efficiency and reduce the costs associated with printing and storing paper files, 1Rivet recommends a structured approach to document management. An effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tool creates workflows that help streamline the processing of digitized documents more efficiently by replacing piles of paperwork with electronic versions. Clients are able to edit, approve, file and pass along content within this digital medium as well as empower managers to easily monitor workflows.

      1Rivet welcomes the opportunity to conduct a series of executive sessions to drive strategic IT road-mapping where Office Services and CIO functions intersect.  We recognize that document management within Office Services is part of an integrated content management and big data strategy, and likely a part of the client’s analytical & predictive reporting and data visualization initiatives.  Many of our strategic client partners have derived real value and produced actionable work plans by integrating 1Rivet and client teams together on process & application architecture development.