4 Reasons to Adopt Azure Synapse in 2022

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Microsoft’s Azure Synapse released December 3, 2020, meaning we’ve now had a full year working with the platform and our clients for data integration, data ware housing and big data analysis. It’s been an eye-opening experience to say the least. After the last year, we can now confirm that Synapse is much more than a rebranding exercise from Microsoft. Instead, the service has the potential to comprehensively refresh many businesses’ approach to data management. Here are four examples of why your company may want to consider adopting Synapse from Azure.

Completely Custom SQL

Azure Synapse allows businesses to build their critical data warehouse on the proven foundation of the industry’s top-performing SQL engine. However, the platform offers more customizability and power than any other to date. Whether you need to run queries on-demand using a serverless compute model or with a specified capacity, Azure Synapse can deliver, and charges solely based on the quantity of data read.

Real Time Data Transformation

One of the biggest drawbacks of the traditional warehouse is the limitation around data processing frequency. Data is processed once a day, usually at the very end of the day. Conversely, Azure Synapse provides real time support for data prep, data management, data exploration, data warehousing, big data, and AI tasks.

Bolster Data Security

Data security and privacy should never be compromised, and Synapse Azure was designed with that in mind. Always-on encryption and automated threat detection ensures that sensitive data is constantly protected in real time. Critically, the platform is also equipped with industry leading compliance features, situating Azure Synapse to meet the performance and security needs of businesses in the financial, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Data Silo Elimination

When data is organized by multiple internal departments, it becomes very difficult to readily share critical data between departments. If left to take deeper root, these data silos will only grow, and the ease of use will only continue to diminish. Synapse Azure effectively serves as one hub for easy access to all data across departments within an organization.

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Krishna Nair

In his 14 years working at the intersection of audience and technology, Krishna has lead large-scale integrations of systems and data, managed content across omni-channel platforms and worked with some of the best-known brands including Nike, Western Union, Verizon, Sprint, ADT and Harvard University.