Azure Synapse Platform or Modernization Data Platform

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In the past, businesses with focus on gathering, processing, interpreting, and storing large amounts of data could not go wrong with a traditional data ware house as the backbone of these operations. However, tech has evolved quite rapidly in the information age and these data warehouses we used to rely on are arguably obsolete at this point. As we gear up for the start of 2022, we expect a continued widespread shift from these outdated systems to more streamlined solutions.

Traditional Data Warehouse Shortcomings

1.DataSilos. Data silos are caused when data is organized by multiple internal departments or by specific use cases, making it difficult to readily share or access critical data between multiple departments.  Number and complexity of Data silos only grow with time . Apart from not providing a 360-degree view of your customer, data silos also lead to increases in cost stemming from licensing and support (often from multiple providers).

2.LacklusterAnalytics. Traditionally, data warehouses (via Data Marts) are only used for standard reporting. Self-servicing can also be introduced with Cube implementation, but this is essentially the maximum extent of a traditional data warehouse’s capabilities. Advanced analytics like machine learning, forecasting, and recommendations are very difficult to achieve because of batched based processing used to load these data stores.

3.UntimelySolutions. One of the biggest drawbacks of the traditional warehouse is the limitation around data processing frequency. Data is processed once a day, and at end of the very end of the day. This means when the business looks at the generated reports, they are already one day old.

Enter Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse is our tried-and-true recommendation for businesses looking to modernize the digital backbone of their business.  In addition to addressing each of the deficiencies above, the platform introduces many other beneficial features. Here are a few of the benefits business experience after making the commitment to database modernization with Azure:


  • One hub for easy access to all your data across every department within an organization.
  • Handles large, complicated queries with ease. Azure Synapse is built using massive parallel processing architecture and is built to handle Penta byte of data.
  • Since this is deployed on Azure, scaling because easy without worrying about infrastructure. Infrastructure can be scaled up and down based on online and offshore hours.
  • Easy integration with other Azure services for better monitoring and security

Optimize Your Business’ Use of Azure Synapse Solution with 1Rivet

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Krishna Nair

In his 14 years working at the intersection of audience and technology, Krishna has lead large-scale integrations of systems and data, managed content across omni-channel platforms and worked with some of the best-known brands including Nike, Western Union, Verizon, Sprint, ADT and Harvard University.