The 3 Best Ways to Create Culture for New Employees in a Hybrid Environment?

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Every business leader knows that a company’s culture plays a crucial role in its success, but what is culture? Essentially, it’s a set of shared beliefs, values, and behaviors that guide the daily activities of the organization. New employees are typically welcomed into a company’s culture when they join a team. Their first few days are spent learning about the business’ mission and getting accustomed to their new role. This has become a little more difficult today since many U.S. companies are currently using or plan to use a hybrid work model.

There’s no denying that hybrid workplaces are a success in comparison to their alternative. According to a recent Gallup study, employees that are required to work on-site full-time now experience significantly lower engagement and well-being. Higher burnout is also a problem, and more employees make plans to leave their jobs in this situation. Offering a hybrid model is necessary to attract and retain top talent.

However, creating a culture for new employees in a hybrid environment can be one of the toughest challenges to face. With fewer in-person opportunities, it can be tough to ensure new hires understand your company’s purpose. Here are a few ways to build a culture that will make your hybrid workers feel more at home.

Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes to Training

Creating a culture for new employees starts on day one. Training may not be as easy over Zoom, but it can certainly be done effectively. Unfortunately, some hybrid teams are failing to maintain their onboarding process. Now is not the time to cut corners when it comes to training. In fact, your team leaders should be working twice as hard to ensure that new hires feel comfortable in their roles. Frequent one-on-one meetings are a must, but you can also use video and presentation content to introduce hires to the culture remotely. Taking time to introduce new employees to the team will also make them feel welcome (some new swag doesn’t hurt, either!).

Try New Things When Mentoring Your Team

In a hybrid model, you can mentor your team in several unique ways. The digital world is your oyster. Slack channels and fun, game-based virtual meetings are great for out-of-office days. In the office, consider taking your team for lunch and getting outside to discuss the company’s culture. Frequently reminding new employees of your values will help them remember their purpose. Fortunately, mentoring can be done anywhere today, and you’re not limited to sitting in front of a computer with your new hire. Introducing workers to software and online protocol is still necessary, of course, but you can also get more creative in a hybrid workplace.

Use Every Second of In-Office Time Wisely

Creating a culture for new employees involves fostering connections. One-off collaborative conversations before and after meetings usually don’t happen online. This makes spontaneous creativity less likely. How can you replace that in a digital format? It all comes down to how you’re using your time in the office. If a hybrid model is to succeed, in-person time should be allocated wisely. Employees should have plenty of time to interact as a team, connect and share ideas. Rather than having them isolated in separate cubicles, get them together. Encourage them to get to know new hires and share knowledge. Communication is vital if you want your hybrid workforce, and its culture, to succeed.

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