6 Great Ways to Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

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Businesses across the globe are tapping into the power of understanding customer needs and preferences to drive how they do business. But how can businesses like yours transform a myriad of data points into actionable insights that drive growth and innovation? Enter Dynamics 365 Customer Insights .

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights establishes an intelligent, unified view of your customers , their interests, and activities—providing actionable opportunities and invaluable data. With broad insights like 63% of shopping beginning online , Customer Insights helps you drill down further into granular-level preferences and behaviors.

“Earning more means accessing actionable insights, and Dynamics 365 provides everything you need to do so in one suite,” said Brian Fenn, VP of Sales .

In this blog, we’ll dive more deeply into why businesses rely on Customer Insights, how this part of Dynamics 365 works, and the leading ways businesses are working with these powerful tools.


What is Dynamics 365 Customer Insights ? Why Are Businesses Using It?

Why are businesses tapping into customer Insights from Dynamics 365 ? To get even better insights into clients’ needs and preferences.

Imagine having the ability to see your customer’s journey, not as a series of disconnected interactions, but as a cohesive and in-depth narrative. Dynamics 365 allows you to do just that. With its intelligent analytics, you can uncover patterns and trends.

Customer Insights On Dynamics 365
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How Do Customer Insights On Dynamics 365 Work?

By harnessing the power of the cloud, Dynamics 365 gives you a unified view of customers – including their interests, activities, and interactions with your business. Essentially, it arms you with tools that go beyond traditional CRM functionalities by integrating data from multiple sources in a customer’s journey to create a 360-degree customer profile .

Now, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Data Integration

Customer Insights takes in data from different sources (think observational, behavioral, and transactional information). Data is collected from ERP systems, web analytics, and social media, just to name a few sources. Data integrations are, in turn, connected through pre-built connectors, APIs, and Power Query.

Data Transformation

Once the data you’re interested in has been collected, this information is cleaned and merged to create a customer profile. AI-driven algorithms and machine learning models are employed to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Segmentation and Profiling

Data is then broken down into different customer profiles, based on qualifiers like attributes and different behaviors. With this kind of information, you’re able to target specific customer groups with personalized marketing and sales strategies.

Generating Insights

With the combination of advanced analytics and AI, Customer Insights gives businesses actionable insights like predictive analytics. Think along the lines of customer churn prediction, lifetime value prediction, and next best action recommendations.

Integration With Business Applications

Thankfully, any insights you tap into aren’t restricted to a silo—this information can be shared and integrated with other Dynamics 365 applications or third-party systems through APIs. This way, your insights are actionable across multiple business touchpoints, from marketing to sales.

Real-Time Insights

With real-time insights, you’re able to tap into opportunities and trends as they arise, rather than missing out on a key opportunity.

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The Best 6 Ways to Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Below are some of the leading ways businesses are using Customer Insights to build new processes and taking new approaches to building relationships and revenue.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

By leveraging the rich data and analytics capabilities within the system, create content that targets specific customer segments. For example, use this information to create special offers for frequent buyers or exclusive previews for loyal customers.

Engagement across multiple channels enables your team to create initiatives like targeted email campaigns to seasonal shoppers during holiday sales and following up with personalized SMS reminders.

With the added touch of real-time personalization, tap into customer behaviors like when a customer clicks on a specific product in an email, subsequent communications can highlight similar products or offer related discounts.

Predictive Analytics for Customer Behavior

With Customer Insights in Dynamics 365, businesses analyze data they’ve collected, and with the help of machine learning algorithms build predictive models. For example, you could more easily predict customer churn based on information connected to purchase patterns.
Act on information related to at-risk customers, keeping them engaged with the brand and the sales cycle. Based on a similar strategy, your marketing team is able to use this same information to craft personalized engagement strategies for a variety of customer segments. One example might look like offering specialized discounts.

And it doesn’t stop there: Your predictive analytics are constantly learning and adapting to changing customer behavior and market trends. Information is always accurate and up-to-date.

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Optimization of Sales Strategies

Stand out at your point of sale when your teams build personalized sales engagements. Ever received an invite to a product demo? That’s exactly what we’re talking about.

Easily track sales performance with robust tools, easily analyzing win/loss ratios, sales cycle lengths, and customer feedback to further improve your sales process.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Tapping into Customer Insights also provides a key opportunity to help you better manage inventory levels. With real-time inventory tracking and machine learning, Dynamics 365 can predict future inventory needs based on historical data and trends.

Build better tailored inventory management based on existing customer segments. For example, you could maintain higher stock levels of preferred products for loyal customers or specific geographic regions.

Access information on how your inventory is performing. Think analyzing carrying costs, turnover rates, and stockouts to identify areas for optimization.

Real-Time Decision-Making

Customer Insights empower businesses to make better decisions at every point, providing live insights into customer behavior, market trends, and business performance. You’re also able to adjust pricing on the fly, using real-time data to make these adjustments during peak shopping seasons and maximizing revenue opportunities.

With Customer Insights, really get into the benefits of real-time monitoring. Leading businesses have been receiving immediate alerts if website traffic spikes or conversion rates drop, allowing for quick investigation and action.

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