You’re Running Out of Time! Dynamics GP End of Life in 2028

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Microsoft recently announcing that they would stop selling new licenses of Dynamics GP by April 2025 has a number of businesses concerned. What does this mean for ongoing support? Good news: Nothing, at least anytime soon. Currently, Dynamics GP end of life is slated for 2028—meaning that that’s when Microsoft will ultimately stop providing support for all instances.

“While Dynamics GP has been a robust solution, the end of life signifies a shift towards more advanced, cloud-based alternatives. Businesses need to plan for this transition, considering data migration and the adoption of new systems that offer enhanced capabilities and future-proof operations,” said.

Brian Fenn, VP of Sales for 1Rivet.

In this blog, we’ll go into a brief overview of Microsoft Dynamics GP, whether you can still buy it, the planned phases for GP support, and what this all actually means for GP end of life.


A Brief Overview of Great Plains

Microsoft acquired Great Plains in 2001. Founded in 1981, Great Plains focused on accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses, and it went public in 1997. Its products evolved from a DOS-based system to two versions: one for Microsoft SQL Server, and one for MSDE database.

Today, Dynamics GP serves as a comprehensive, modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system designed to streamline various business operations. It offers an array of functional modules tailored to specific business needs. (Think along the lines of Financial Management and Accounting and Inventory and Supply Chain Management.)


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Can I Still Buy Dynamics GP?

The short answer? It’s complicated. Microsoft recently announced that in 2026 and beyond, Dynamics GP will see a significant shift in its sales strategy—sales of Dynamics GP will be limited exclusively to existing customers. Microsoft is reallocating resources to focus more on other innovative products, steering new customers towards these newer systems.

Despite this change in sales strategy, Microsoft remains committed to its existing Dynamics GP user base. Current customers and partners will continue to receive full support, ensuring no disruption in their business operations.

For those continuing with Dynamics GP, Microsoft ensures ongoing updates and support. This includes regular regulatory and security updates, as well as hotfixes when necessary. The goal is to ensure that Dynamics GP remains a usable and reliable tool for successful business operations, even as the market and technology landscape continues to evolve.


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The Phases of Dynamics GP Support

The newest versions fall under the Modern Lifecycle Policy, ensuring extended support.

For the older versions, the support timeline is as follows:

  • GP 2015 & 2015 R2’s Mainstream Support ended on April 14, 2020.
  • GP 2016 & 2016 R2 saw the end of Mainstream Support on July 13, 2021.
  • GP 2018 & 2018 R2 will have Mainstream Support until January 10, 2023.

Extended Support dates also vary:

  • GP 2013 & 2013 R2 will have support until April 11, 2023.
  • GP 2015 & 2015 R2 are supported until April 8, 2025.
  • GP 2016 & 2016 R2 will receive support until July 14, 2026.
  • GP 2018 & 2018 R2 will have Extended Support until January 11, 2028.

Your support policy is going to differ based on your version. Older versions adhere to the Fixed Lifecycle Policy, which has predetermined end dates for support. However, Dynamics GP 2018 (version 18.2 or later) is under the Modern Lifecycle Policy, offering continuous support.

For users of Great Plains, upgrading to a version under the Modern Lifecycle Policy is possible. However, this can be challenging for systems that are heavily customized or outdated. This differentiation in support policies reflects a transition towards more sustainable and flexible support frameworks for Dynamics GP users.


What Are My Other Options if I Decide to Migrate to Another ERP?

Alternative to Dynamics GP Key Features Best Suited For
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud-based, integrates CRM & ERP, AI capabilities Businesses seeking an all-in-one cloud solution
NetSuite Cloud-based ERP, scalable, real-time data analytics Growing businesses needing scalability
QuickBooks Enterprise User-friendly, strong accounting features, customizable Small to mid-sized businesses with complex accounting needs
SAP Business One Comprehensive ERP, strong analytics, global capabilities Mid-sized businesses with international operations


What Does This Actually Mean for Microsoft Dynamics GP End of Life?

In 2022, at the Community Summit North America, Microsoft announced a significant update regarding Dynamics GP: the GP 18.5 release in October 2022 would be the last major features update. This marked a pivotal point in the lifecycle of Dynamics GP, signaling a transition into a new phase of support and functionality.

Despite this being the last major feature release, Microsoft has committed to the continued support of Dynamics GP. Users can expect to receive updates related to regulatory compliance, tax requirements, security, and necessary functionality enhancements. But remember, even Extended Support for GP 2018 & 2018 R2 ends in 2028.

The GP 18.5 release itself brought several new features and improvements. These included enhanced account category lookup options, making financial management more efficient. It also introduced tools for managing inactive vendor address records, simplifying vendor management.


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