How Can RPA Help Businesses Amid the Great Resignation?

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An astonishing amount of people left their jobs in 2021 and pivoted their careers.4.4 million people quit their positions in the month of September alone. Things weren’t much better in October, when 4.2 million put in their notice. At this point, it’s safe to assume that the Great Resignation isn’t over just yet and that these trends will continue into 2022. So, how can businesses cope with this mass exodus? There are many viable strategies companies across the country are preparing to unveil, and we’d like to outline one of our favorites: RPA.

What is RPA?

If you haven’t discovered RPA just yet, here is a quick recap of the basics. Robotic processing automation is the automation of repetitive, high volume manual processes using software that mimics human actions.

How Can RPA Benefit Businesses During the Great Resignation?

On the surface, it may seem like RPA is the perfect replacement for humans in the work place. However, that is not entirely accurate. RPA has never been about taking jobs away, but rather creating a harmonious working relationship between humans and tech.

RPA allows employees to focus on the most urgent business matters while robots take care of repetitive, mundane tasks in the background. In other words, employees are used for, “thinking” and robots are used for, “doing.” This means that during a period of shrinkage, a business’ productivity doesn’t necessarily have to dip. In fact, a well optimized RPA solution could even allow your business to do more with fewer people in the right situation. This type of success takes place when emphasis is placed on maintaining a core team of high performers who are free to add value in more cost-effective ways rather than being tied up with repetitive manual tasks. The alleviation of these tasks could even be the moral boost that keeps top performers aboard for the long haul rather than suffering from burnout and looking for new opportunities. Rather than being engrossed in repetitive tasks, they can focus on ensuring the RPA solution is delivering high quality results time and time again.

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