How Can RPA Revitalize Your Invoicing Process?

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RPA can benefit businesses in a variety of unique ways. This is especially true for businesses that routinely provide invoices to their customers. Rather than relying on outdated processes, RPA streamlines the entire invoicing process and allows businesses to decrease their invoice processing times, increase revenue and create bills with less errors. How can RPA revitalize your invoicing process?

What is RPA?

Robotic processing automation is the automation of repetitive, high volume manual processes using software that mimics human actions. The repetitive nature of invoicing makes it the perfect business process to streamline with RPA.

How Does it Work?

We created a brief video outlining how our RPA solutions help law firms automate their prebilling process via virtual robots. Of course, businesses of any type can reap the benefits of implementing RPA to assist in managing invoices as well.

Basically, the robot will automatically create drafts of all prebills for the upcoming month. Once completed, each draft will be sent as an email attachment to assigned member(s) of your team for review. After approval, the robot can be configured to either email/ print the invoice or electronically bill your client.

Of course, some invoices may need a few edits along the way. If you notice something looks off in an invoice, you can make tracked edits and send them back to the robot. From there, the robot re-enters the corrected data into your core system and resends the invoice for approval once again.

Long Term Care

Businesses who implement RPA typically quickly realize how much time and money it saves. In fact, businesses who commit to this model can achieve ROI in a few months and reduce processing time by half! At 1Rivet, we want you to be able to enjoy those benefits over the long haul. That’s why we make ourselves available to monitor and maintain each of our clients’ RPA systems. Business processes change over time, and you can be sure that your RPA solution will keep up with your business as it evolves.

Choose 1Rivet to Revitalize Your Invoicing Process using RPA

1Rivet is a UIPath partner and we want to explore RPA with you! We are at our best partnering with both business and technology, collaborating as one unified team. Your success is our top priority! For more information on our focused RPA solutions, please email us at


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