How Outsourcing Makes You More Competitive

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Outsourcing allows companies to allocate resources to where they are most needed and where they can have the greatest impact. Businesses must outsource if they want to remain competitive, especially in today’s economy. In the aftermath of the pandemic, many workers quit their jobs to find work environments more suited to their needs. Over 47 million people resigned from their jobs in 2021, triggering a massive reshuffling of the workforce. In 2022, the economy is starting to slow down, and talks of a recession loom. While companies are still experiencing staff shortages, a poor economic outlook could affect hiring capacity.

Many businesses will need to consider other low-cost options like outsourcing. However, they must do so strategically and intelligently. Maintaining your workflow and continuing to serve clients is vital, but you must create a system that enables you to be flexible, adaptable, and innovative. Whether you require support for facilities management (FM) or information technology (IT), you can benefit from outsourcing in today’s economy. Here’s how.

Automate to boost efficiency

More than anything, it’s important to stay efficient when financial turbulence arises. Your customers still expect the same level of quality from your products and services. A shrug and a simple statement that times are tough won’t suffice. In this situation, customers will head out the door and find another business faster than you can say RPA. Outsourcing in today’s economy allows you to maintain the standards you set for your business from day one. With the right partner, your clients won’t notice a thing, and you’ll power through any tough times ahead.

Increase your flexibility to improve customer service

There’s no better time to test your capabilities than during an economic slowdown. Experiencing staffing shortages forces you to think creatively. Unforeseen circumstances also encourage you to pivot and be flexible. Considering outsourcing in today’s economy might be an option you never considered before, for example. Perhaps it has been misconstrued in your mind as not worth the investment. Ultimately, branching out and testing new methods encourages growth and adaptability. Trust us: your business will be stronger for it once the economy rebounds.

Innovate faster

One unexpected and beneficial outcome of outsourcing in today’s economy is innovation. Think about a time you left your comfort zone. It’s likely that you met new people, engaged in new ideas, and changed your perspective. Maybe you became a better leader and a more well-rounded thinker as a result. Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to work with and learn from expert specialists. Some of those you collaborate with will have incredible knowledge pertaining to aspects of IT or FM. Due to shortages, you and your staff probably don’t have time to fully optimize these areas. With the support of a trusted group, you will be able to innovate and expand your business in ways you never thought possible.

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Brian Fenn


Brian Fenn

Brian Fenn, based in Chicago, is a dynamic leader in the field of sales and marketing within the technology sector. As a Vice President of Sales at 1Rivet he has helped transform the company's Central US operations, spearheading growth strategies across verticals by working with top industry players like Microsoft, Informatica & UiPath. Brian's rich experience includes various senior roles, where he consistently surpassed quotas, expanded markets, and led innovative projects. His education and entrepreneurial spirit have played a pivotal role in his career, not only adding value to organizations but also creating a lasting impact on the industry. A proud alumnus of Purdue University he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sales and Marketing, along with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He lives in the Lakeview Neighborhood in Chicago and enjoys spending time with his wife attending Cubs games, food festivals, and live music.