Maintaining Company Culture In Today’s Work Environment

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Prior to the start of the decade, in-person working was by far the most popular configuration across most industries. Naturally, that all changed in early 2020 when we were forced to take a crash course in remote working overnight. As you know by now, society has learned that remote working works. While remote working is no longer mandatory, the practice will be part of our daily lives well into the future with 36.2 million Americans expected to work remotely by 2025.

While we’re firm believers that remote / hybrid working will remain fixtures in the work place from this point forward, it’s also worth acknowledging the potential drawbacks of utilizing the practices long-term. These methods are still quite new, meaning we’ll have to emphasize maintaining company culture in brand new ways.  Here are a few ideas to keep in mind!

More Regular Check-ins

When you don’t physically interact with your teammates every day, more regular check-ins are a great way to continue fostering a healthy company culture. Regardless of where your team is situated, employee engagement will always be important. However, its estimated that around 40%of remote workers feel physically and emotionally detached from the work place. Check-ins allow managers to provide valuable feedback, motivate employees, and help make them feel like they are still part of a thriving team.

Virtual Happy Hours and Team Get Togethers

Thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier to host genuinely fun virtual gettogethers. You could always opt for a classic such as a virtual happy hour on Zoom. To keep things fresh, maybe try out a virtual game night! There are plenty of worthwhile virtual games to check out including poker, Clue, Bingo, and trivia. For extra fun, consider allowing employees to charge for Uber Eats and enjoy a nice meal during the gathering.

In-Person Get Togethers

Check-ins and virtual gatherings are sure to be a great morale boost, but there really is no substitute for building rapport with your team in-person.  Keep in mind that this isn’t something you have to do all the time. Even a few in-person events per year, (or one large summit) are sure to keep employees more engaged and connected with their colleagues.

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