Why You Should Choose a Small Business Instead of IBM?

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We hear the phrase frequently in the tech consulting industry: “No one ever got fired for choosing Accenture or IBM.” These companies often woo clients with their “scale” and “reach,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best choice for your business. Here’s why you shouldn’t rule out a smaller business like 1Rivet when partnering up with a technology consultant.

Is Big Really Better?

Companies like IBM/Acceture/Tata are truly massive, but you have to consider whether that is truly an advantage for you. Typically, cycle times take a little bit longer when working with companies of that massive scale. If your goal is to have a working solution as fast as possible, the bureaucratic overhead will likely keep you from doing so. On the other hand, with a small and nimble company are just plain faster, we’re able to roll out prototypes for our clients in as little as four-six weeks.

Culture is Key

Be sure to pay attention to the culture of each consultant you are considering bringing on board. A team of salespeople working for the larger brands may paint the perfect image of what it’s like to work with them. But what happens when you actually sign the bottom line, and it’s time to get to work? The chances are that those salespeople will disappear, and you’ll be left to work with a team of relative strangers as you attempt to get your project off to the best start possible. When you choose a small business, you’ll be working with the people who will be implementing the solution. We view your team and ours as one, and we want our results to reflect that.

So, I Should Never Work with a Big Consultant?

We’re not saying all big consultants are the enemy and should be shunned, but we do believe there are some unique advantages to choosing a small business. Some of these larger corporations have been in business for over 100 years. With that legacy, they’re sure to pick up plenty of clients based on their name alone. In the meantime, we’ll be working harder than ever to build connections with our clients and actively be the solution to their tech-related issues.

1Rivet is the Small Business for All Your IT Development Needs

1Rivet has experience and success creating solutions for numerous business types. We are at our best partnering with both business and technology, collaborating as one unified team. Your success is our top priority! For more information on our various IT solutions, please email us info@1rivet.com.


Eric Middleton

Embodying the 1Rivet culture, Eric asks himself and others daily: "What have you done for the client today?" He’s a passionate leader who brings an innovative approach and a burst of energy to every client organization.