Outlining Our Purpose at 1Rivet

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The further a company gets from its core, the more likely it is to lose focus on what they accomplish best for their customers and clients. As businesses have success and continue to grow, it can be hard to keep undivided attention on the fundamentals. From the start, 1Rivet’s purpose has been to focus on clients and their businesses, allowing them to focus on their customers’ needs. How do we accomplish this?

Fulfilling Our Purpose

1Rivet is a technology, facilities management and talent acquisition company- all under one umbrella. Each of these branches is unique, but some consistencies unite all three of them. Specifically, 1Rivet takes a straightforward, hands-on approach in each project we are involved in. We believe if your journey is successful, then we’ve accomplished our goal.

Let’s take a look at each of our services and see what makes them stand out:


IT solutions are one of our main staples. What sets us apart is that we can manage our partners’ existing tech solutions and implement and maintain new solutions along the way. Our expert-filled team specializes in RPA, the cloud, user experience, mobile, web and data.

Facilities Management

Our facilities management team will manage your offices and take care of your employees. Outsourcing facilities management can help you achieve consistent service levels that may be difficult to achieve with in-house teams. What makes our solutions so useful is that we consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ businesses. Our expertise, combined with your business savvy, can boost productivity and efficiency, just as it has for many current customers.

Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition team will help you hire the best talent to strengthen your already fantastic team. After assessing your needs, we do the heavy lifting and only present the most adept candidates based on your specific profile. It doesn’t end there! We follow up with continuous feedback from both you and your new hires.

Interested in learning more about our solutions? Check out our brief overview!

Choose 1Rivet for All Your IT Needs

1Rivet has experience and success in creating solutions for numerous business types. We are at our best partnering with both business and technology, collaborating as one unified team. Your success is our top priority! For more information on our various IT solutions, please email us at rpa@1rivet.com.


Eric Middleton

Embodying the 1Rivet culture, Eric asks himself and others daily: "What have you done for the client today?" He’s a passionate leader who brings an innovative approach and a burst of energy to every client organization.