How to Re-Envision Your Office for maximum employee usage.

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How to Re-Envision Your Office in 2023

Workplaces are in flux, that much is clear. Most workers have made it clear that they prefer a remote or hybrid workplace, but employers are trying to engage all employees. Remote work isn’t the right choice for everyone, either. Some workers feel that it’s difficult to focus at home, especially if they have limited workspace and too many distractions. Working from home can also lead to isolation and weaken teams that struggle to adapt.

In-office attendance hasn’t quite returned to normal, but things are improving As of last fall, occupancy was reported to be about half of what it was before the pandemic. We expect attendance to continue rising as people re-adjust to the current climate. Ultimately, the office isn’t going anywhere, but the way we imagine it will never be quite the same. This is a good thing.

Employers should be doing all they can to make offices more collaborative, mobile, and flexible. The idea of returning to the office comes with dread for many workers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You and your team can work together to re-envision your office and make it more engaging for everybody.

Building a Customized Office and Give Your Workers More Choices

Having a remote lifestyle taught workers how much they love the flexibility. The option to work anywhere, whether it’s outside in the sun or in a bustling coffee shop, is attractive for many. This is why customized offices will be incredibly important in 2023 and beyond. Employees should be able to move around and change their environment throughout the day. The whole idea is to make things feel more personalized. Some employees work better when they’re at their desks, but others thrive when they change things up. Consider offering different options and customizing the work experience to give your workers flexibility. This is a surefire way to re-envision your office successfully in 2023.

Bringing Wellness to the Forefront

According to Johns Hopkins, about 1 in 4 adults aged 18 and older struggle with mental health. The pandemic was tough on everybody, but it also shed light on this issue. Few workers want to sacrifice their happiness and well-being to be successful at work. Employees that don’t have access to proper health care and wellness needs are also less productive and engaged. When you re-envision your office this year, be sure to bring wellness to the forefront. This starts with making it a part of the culture and encouraging workers to take advantage of resources. Strong benefits packages are a must, but there are other options as well. Providing meditation spaces, mental health screenings, or even just the ability to get outside for a breath of fresh air is worth considering. Your employees will appreciate it, and they’ll do better work as a result.

Making Sure Your Workers Feel at Home (Without Being at Home)

Some businesses are going above and beyond to re-envision their office, and you can too. Additional amenities can make the workplace feel less monotonous. Activity spaces, in-office eateries, brainstorming rooms, and exercise opportunities make work feel ten times more welcoming. The office doesn’t have to be a soulless place filled with fluorescent lights and water coolers. It can be a place that motivates and inspires. Employees can also be “in the office” and enjoy some at-home perks at the same time. Best of all, they can leave their tasks at the door when they leave.


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