RPA as a Team Member, Not a Robot

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Implementing robotic process automation is a great way to improve the efficiency of several business processes within a company. However, RPA is not an instant solution that will cure all business process inefficiencies overnight. In fact, despite the fact that RPA is powered by robots, it has more in common with your human team members than you might think.

Demystifying RPA

Introducing robots into the workplace can elicit a widespread array of employee responses. Team members already familiar with the perks of RPA welcome it into the workplace and look forward to robots taking the reins on monotonous tasks. On the other hand, some team members might not welcome the new addition with open arms at first. Some individuals fear that robots are introduced to the workplace to replace human employees. Thankfully, this is not the goal of RPA at all. Instead, RPA allows these employees to focus on more urgent matters while robots take care of repetitive, mundane tasks in the background. In other words, employees are used for, “thinking” and robots are used for, “doing.” Some businesses even name their RPA solution. Just like Siri and Alexa, assigning a name to technological solutions makes them more approachable and fun!

Human Oversight is Key

For best results, RPA should be monitored and overseen just like human team members. Just like any new hire, RPA can grow and increase its value to a company with proper management and routine checks. As time goes on, your RPA solution will become more independent and it’s ability to handle various exceptions without human interaction will improve. To ensure RPA is fully optimized, many businesses perform regular performance reviews, just as they do with other team members.

RPA and Collaboration

RPA functions at its best when collaborative approaches are taken by the business implementing it. By engaging employees before implementing RPA, business owners can gain a much clearer vision about the specific features and tasks the robots should be designed to complete. Using the vision and creativity of each member of your team helps ensure that the RPA solution your business rolls out effectively contributes to your business in a way that everyone can benefit from.

Choose 1Rivet for Your Business RPA Needs

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