How Can Outsourcing Facility Management Benefit Your Business?

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Facilities management is a professional service that provides support to the workplace. It is an integral component for all businesses, but some companies try to tackle too much on their own. Customer service is always top of mind, but there is always a lot to juggle. Outsourcing facilities management can help with these duties.

Facilities management covers project support, hospitality to concierge services, supply management, coordinating mail room services, security, print production, and more.

With facilities management outsourcing, staff members can return to focus on their core competencies that create revenue for their respective organizations.

Many businesses like yours run their operations with facility management in-house. If you’re in this situation, you’ve probably realized how critical top-tier facility management is to a streamlined process. However, operating at peak effectiveness with in-house management can be a struggle.

There are several clear advantages to switching to a facility management outsourcing partner 1Rivet. Let’s explore how outsourcing facility management can help your company?


The Benefits of Facilities Management Outsourcing

Facilities outsourcing services provide businesses with numerous benefits. At 1Rivet, we design our methods to cultivate an exceptional customer experience.

A few reasons to work with a facilities management company include:


‍Stellar Front Desk Services

‍One of the key benefits of facilities management outsourcing is stellar, welcoming service. Patrons should have immediate access to attentive front desk services and an easy check-in process. If your workers are overtaxed, they may not be able to provide an appealing atmosphere for your customers and clients.

Hiring a facilities management company ensures that this will always be taken care of. At 1Rivet, we hire knowledgeable, friendly front desk concierges and customer service experts who aim to impress.


Printing Support

‍Print production can feel like a job in and of itself. When you have to worry about printing, it can be quite frustrating to try to focus on other important duties, and getting support in this area of business is one of the most overlooked advantages of outsourced facilities management.

Our team at 1Rivet works to provide copying, printing, and scanning services for businesses. We also use state-of-the-art technology to complete tasks fast. Our cloud application, 1TrakIt-Copy, automates processes that would eat up a great deal of time otherwise.


Boosting Overall Productivity

‍ At 1Rivet, we understand the demands of your business. Ideally, you should only have to focus on your core operations. Everything else should be secondary.

Without facilities management, companies like yours get bogged down in dealing with extraneous details. Before long, productivity levels drop, and morale plummets. Our approach, on the other hand, is designed to completely revolutionize your day-to-day processes and increase profits. We can help you work smarter, not harder.


Innovative Solutions

At 1Rivet, developing technological solutions to improve businesses is our passion. We are fully outfitted with several tools that have the potential to revitalize facility management for virtually every business type. Among our most popular tools is our 1TrakIt platform and our RPA solutions that use robots to streamline standard business processes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Facilities Management Services


Increased Efficiency

If running your facility is less than ideal, another of the benefits of outsourced facilities management lies in how we can help you achieve consistent service levels—something that may be difficult to achieve with in-house teams. Part of what makes our solutions so effective is that we consider ourselves to be an extension of our clients’ businesses.

Our expertise combined with your business savvy is sure to boost both your productivity and efficiency, just as it has for many of our current customers.


Cost Savings

The main reason you need to tap into the advantages of facilities management? Cost savings. Consider that, rather than employing a team to take care of all facility management, outsourcing takes care of the responsibility for you.

Not only do you save money because of this, but you can also rest assured that a team is fully dedicated to background activities so you can focus on the core matters of your business. As an added bonus, you’ll no longer have to worry about re-staffing your facility management team when turnover occurs. We have it covered!

Typically, our clients save a minimum of 15% on their facility management costs after enlisting our services.


Interested in Working With Us? ‍Apply for a Facilities Management Position Today

‍We support our clients by producing a variety of scalable solutions for them. These include helpful specialists, top-notch technologies & processes that accompany their brand goals. Ultimately, we want to help businesses maintain focus on their objectives. If this sounds like a position that’s right for you, why not join our team of dedicated, hard-working individuals?

‍If you would like to hear more about the positions that are currently available, we’d love to speak with you! To get in touch with us or submit your application, please contact Marcelo Espinosa and Ross Colomb. We also encourage you to take a look at the following job descriptions for a preview of our current openings:

‍Be a Cross Functional Floater

Location: DC, MD & VA Offices

Benefits: Full-time with benefits

  • Support office services with daily duties such as reception, copy/print production, mail center operations, conference room support, kitchen /pantry hospitality.
  • Report to different office locations/work assignments on a daily or weekly basis, depending on business needs.
  • Ability to understand customer goals & initiatives as well as anticipate needs.
  • Assist with mail/package sort & delivery to recipients. Shipping and receiving duties.
    and more!

Be an Assistant Site Manager

Location: Downtown Washington, DC

Benefits: Full-time with benefits

  • Serves as primary liaison between client and 1Rivet. Interacts with the customer daily.
  • Key duties include managing day-to-day operations by ensuring all agreed-upon service levels are satisfactorily met.
  • Clearly communicates job expectations of employees by training, coaching, guiding, and evaluating the team’s work output & quality.
  • Maintain efficient workflow by holding direct reports accountable for the quality and efficiency of their work and more!


‍Choose 1Rivet for All Your Facilities Management Outsourcing Needs

‍1Rivet has experience and success in creating solutions for numerous business types. We are at our best partnering with both business and technology, collaborating as one unified team. Your success is our top priority!

For more information on our various IT solutions, get in touch with us today.


Marcelo Espinosa

MARCELO ESPINOSA has over 20 years of experience establishing strong customer partnerships through the development, implementation and management of outsourced IT, facilities management and office service solutions.