What Can Robotic Processing Automation Do for Your Business?

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Could your business benefit from increased accuracy and speed of operations in day to day affairs? If so, properly implemented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may be able to give you those benefits and drive your costs down. If you are unfamiliar with the term, RPA is the automation of repetitive, high volume manual processes using software that mimics human actions. How can your business benefit from RPA?

Noteworthy Benefits of RPA

There are several benefits associated with RPA in addition to lowered costs and increased efficiency/ accuracy:

  • Task completion around the clock rather than exclusively within business hours
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Improved customer service which can translate to increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Rapid ROI (weeks or months instead of years)

Pairing these benefits with the speedy 30 to 90-day deployment that 1Rivet provides will allow your business to reap the benefits of RPA as soon as possible. Once the deployment is complete, businesses are able to autonomously process transactions, create dashboards, extract data from files and so much more.

Which Types of Businesses Benefit the Most From RPA

We have created a checklist of questions that businesses can use to assess their readiness for RPA. Does your business suffer from things such as:

  • Time intensive, repetitive daily tasks
  • Human error
  • Flawed data
  • Growing operational costs
  • Disengaged employees
  • Required double data entry

If you have answered yes to any of these, there is a good chance that RPA implementation can greatly benefit your business’ daily workflow. At 1Rivet, we have found that RPA is best for businesses that are highly transactional, have limited business rules, and feature repeatable time-consuming tasks. Such characteristics apply to several departments including customer service, finance, HR and many more. This versatility is why RPA is a great solution for so many businesses.

RPA: A Visualization

For more information on RPA, check out our very own video on the subject. In this video, we dive more into the basics of RPA, including its benefits and specific functions. If you are on the fence about switching your business to RPA, this short video will provide you a quick run-down of all the advantages your business will be able to take advantage of after making the switch.

Choose 1Rivet for Your Businesses Robotic Processing Automation Needs

1Rivet is a UIPath partner and we want to explore RPA with you! We are at our best partnering with both business and technology, collaborating as one unified team. Your success is our top priority! For more information on our focused RPA solutions, please email us at rpa@1rivet.com.


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