What Does ChatGPT Mean for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

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Recent changes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM have probably caught your attention if you’re as fascinated as we are with ChatGPT. Recently, the company introduced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot, “the world’s first copilot in both CRM and ERP.” Using ChatGPT, the company has incorporated AI assistance into a wide range of essential business processes. Departments from sales to customer service can now use enhanced AI tools to easily complete routine tasks. Copilot can summarize a Teams meeting, write e-mail copy in a specific tone, and formulate responses to customer queries. This allows professionals to be more efficient and eliminate time-consuming tasks.

The announcement isn’t necessarily a surprise. Big Tech giants have been racing to utilize AI since January when ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly users. According to Time, the tool has grown extremely fast; faster than apps like Instagram or TikTok, in fact. As Microsoft’s CEO stated on February 7th, “A race starts today. we’re going to move, and move fast.” Microsoft’s Copilot tool seems to make good on this promise. The question is, can AI tools keep up with these streamlined tasks in the long run if they aren’t sophisticated enough? Will analysts, copywriters, middle managers, and data entry workers soon be out of a job? Microsoft promises that by automating mundane tasks, businesses will be able to “unlock the creativity of the workforce,” but is creativity actually at risk?

These concerns are all valid. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see how the technology performs long-term. The future of AI has yet to be written, but it appears that the technology is here to stay. Regardless of what happens next, it’s groundbreaking that CRM tasks such as data entry, content creation, and note-taking can be automated without human intervention. If you’re not convinced yet, you’re not alone. However, the revolutionary nature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot will become apparent as we examine the tool in greater detail below:

The Impact of ChatGPT on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Highly Optimized Customer Service

Think about when you had to contact a customer service representative through an online chat. You probably had to wait a few minutes while the rep looked up your order and sought out possible solutions. Now, customer problems can be solved much faster (and without bots providing unhelpful, mistargeted answers).

Customer support agents access Copilot by expanding the tool on the right side of their screen. Rather than having to comb through internal data, they can instantly respond to customers with accurate solutions. These responses can still be reviewed and edited for clarity. Taking out the research process, however, speeds up these interactions tremendously. Agents simply have to retrieve details from the customer to ensure Copilot generates an appropriate answer. From there, the generative AI tool can even draft responses to share with the customer.

In-Depth Customer Insights

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, marketers can get the most out of customer data without analyzing it themselves. All they need to do is initiate a dialogue with Copilot to learn more about their customers. In a Microsoft Dynamics Copilot demo, for instance, a marketing executive asks: “How many of my VIP consumers have a high influencer score and are likely to attend an event in New York City?” Copilot provides an answer within seconds and generates follow-up questions to help the executive plan their upcoming campaign. By taking data collection and analysis out of the equation, marketers are able to gain insights and apply them instantly.

Streamlined Marketing Campaigns

Copilot also allows professionals to orchestrate effective, high-quality marketing campaigns quickly. With generative AI targeting, marketers can identify exactly to who they should send their e-mail campaigns to. From that point, they can create a template and insert content without doing any writing. Their only task is to describe the key points that should be addressed in the e-mail. Additionally, Copilot can formulate text in a certain tone such as “adventurous” or “casual.” Like AI-generated customer service responses, the text can be edited, but much of the work is already done thanks to Copilot.

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