A change in mindset can open a world of possibilities to transforming many aspects of life. When you are stuck trying to achieve a personal goal, a negative mindset can be overcome by familiarizing yourself with the path others have taken that has been proven to work. The same is true when you are trying to make positive changes to your business.  Not knowing is the biggest hurdle!

Big dreams and ideas often seem unattainable, but companies are meeting their lofty goals every day. How are they doing it?

Well, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Over this three-part blog series, we’ll explore three major components of every business, and how they can be optimized in order to help your business develop a “Why can’t we?” mindset instead of a “Why we can’t” attitude.

Vetting Ideas

When drumming up your next idea for improvement, whether it is a small change to your data strategy or a major overhaul to several business functions, there are a few questions worth considering before moving onto the planning phase:

  • Does your business have the technological backbone to make the idea a reality?
  • Is there a market for your idea?
  • Will your existing audience benefit from the idea? (ROI, efficiencies, new capabilities)
  • Will shareholders, your audience, and your team be willing to buy-in to your idea?

If you are able to answer “yes” to each of these questions, there is nothing holding your business back from beginning to tackle its next big idea. From there, it’s time to ensure your idea becomes a reality by creating a strong plan

A Word from Eric Middleton, Our Resident ‘Idea Guy’:

“Change or new things are generally uncomfortable for most people but that uncomfortable feeling is where we find the biggest game-changing ideas and the most impactful innovations.”


So, the major players in your company have agreed that your next big idea has merit. Now it’s time to assemble the right team and create a plan to steer them toward success. When working with clients to transform their IT landscape, the 1Rivet team takes an agile approach and allows clients to evaluate and test their business strategy with a newly modernized architecture prior to executing full-fledge execution. After all, your new idea is designed to generate growth. That’s impossible to do with a rushed, botched release.


Your idea is your baby. It has promise and potential. Your plan to execute has been created, and financial backing has been secured. Now it’s time to execute it! With a partner like 1Rivet working alongside you, we can assist in in architecting real-time event-driven architecture with cloud-based services. After any brand-new idea is built and implemented, we can then allocate staff for operations and maintenance. Your idea isn’t a one-off project. To give an idea the staying power to make the lasting impact you dreamed off, it needs care and feeding.  Further iterations and solutions can be developed after the fact as new asks of your product come in from your all-important users.  This requires a support team, either internally or externally, to help your baby grow.

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About the Author

Mike Rolfes

VP of Sales - IT

Mike Rolfes is a Developer/ Application Architect turned Business Development professional with 25+ years of experience in the IT industry. Mike’s professional background uniquely situates him to understand a CIO's or Business' technology issues and partner with them to build holistic software solutions for their organization.

Prior to joining 1Rivet, Mike attended The George Washington University on a baseball scholarship and received his BS in Statistics with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. Based in Baltimore Maryland, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, and 2 sons, along with golf and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Mike also played two years of minor league baseball prior to this chapter of his career. These days, his primary focus is listening to organizations’ challenges, and finding IT solutions that fit their needs.


About the Author