Microsoft Dynamics 365

Power inventory management, accounts payable and receivable, and more, all with support from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation, With 1Rivet and Microsoft

The future moves fast. But Dynamics 365 helps you move faster. Harness the power to automate, innovate, and collaborate like never before.

Why deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Manage inventory, no matter the scale with Dynamics 365 collecting and organizing stock levels and location data.
  • Keep finances on track with automated accounts payable and receivable streams—paying and collecting money is done right, every time.
  • Share more and collaborate easily with an intuitive interface that facilitates communication, collaboration, and productivity.
  • Get asset leasing up to accounting standards, from personal property to real estate, Dynamics 365 has you covered.
  • Customer service management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) all under one roof. Get better business results with customer and business data in one place with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Don’t miss your chance to streamline inventory and facilities management, improve collaboration, and drive innovation. 1Rivet and Microsoft together with RPA services by your side, you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Our Clients

Brands that Trust Our Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM Services

Our Clients

Brands that Trust Our Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM Services


See What Our Clients Say About Our CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation


See What Our Clients Say About Our CRM Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

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The Power of 1Rivet and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Why Deploy Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 with 1Rivet?

Inventory Management
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Asset Leasing
Fixed Assets

Improve inventory accuracy, reduce stockouts, and boost warehouse/distribution operations. Facilitate item tracking, stock count, BOM management, warehouse management, facilities management services, barcode scanning, and more.

You’re always at the leading edge of efficient inventory management thanks to ongoing investment in your Dynamics 365 deployment.

Automate and streamline your accounts payable processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to effortlessly generate vendor records, manage invoices, process a variety of payment methods, and track purchase orders.

Keeping tabs on finance gets even easier when you work with a provider who constantly looks for opportunities to automate. These tools include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • RPA
  • Hyper Automation
  • And more

Improve your accounts receivable processes and leverage features like customer management, credit management, sales order processing, and more.

Dynamics 365 also gives you real-time visibility to help identify issues or bottlenecks.

Track and manage all of your leased assets in detail. This includes maintenance history, location, and depreciation.

Plus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 expertly handles the financial aspects of leasing—from invoicing to payments to accounting.

Leverage a centralized system to track and manage all of your fixed assets.

Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting software to generate real-time financial insights and automate depreciation calculations.

Together, 1Rivet and Dynamics 365 can upgrade your procurement process.

We do this by reducing administrative time, eliminating redundancies, and sharpening accuracy. Get the products and services you need—when you need them.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Your partner in leveling up business performance.

Streamline your operations and enhance customer engagement, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP software.

Get the right tools to manage finances, operations, sales and marketing—all in one place.

ERP Tools and Features
Enjoy a comprehensive solution to optimize your business—from supply chain and sales, to finances and project management.

With a powerful combination of offshore and offshore team members, your Dynamics 365 ERP price is in alignment with your budget.

CRM Tools and Features
Never miss another opportunity to build customer experiences.

Manage customer service tasks like case management, service scheduling, and more—with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 and the power of AI and hyper automation.

Custom Solutions, Built for You

From domain experience to technology expertise, 1Rivet is the leading vendor of Dynamics 365 deployment.

Domain Experience
Guarantee a smooth Dynamics 365 deployment with help from your own team of subject matter experts. Your team specializes in finance and supply chain management.

Technology Expertise
Seamlessly handle large amounts of data and upgrade from AX 2012 to Dynamics 365—all with your own team of technology experts.

Comprehensive Approach
Our implementation approach takes you from start-to-finish—from planning and coding, to testing and go-live.

Rapid Response Times
Got an issue? Have a question? Need an upgrade? Our devoted RPA consultation team is always standing-by to help.

Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM

Transform Your Business With 1Rivet and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Work with experts ready to help any time—day or night.

Transform Your Business With 1Rivet and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Work with experts ready to help any time—day or night.

Case Studies

Discover how Microsoft 365 Dynamics has revolutionized the way companies do business.

1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration and custom development in ShipMonk’s instance, including:
1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration and custom development in CGS’s instance, including:
Ashley Furniture
1Rivet helped the client with all required configuration in Ashley Furniture’s instance, including:
Automation of GL maintenance
Automated NAC’s monthly process of maintaining general ledger in NetSuite using UiPath.
RPA - Automation of monthly billing process
Helped client automate their monthly billing process using UiPath.
Cash Matching Automation using RPA & Machine Learning
Automated end-to-end process for matching cash using wire instruction received from their treasury system.

What is Microsoft Dynamics Used For?: Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Microsoft Dynamics Used For?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is cloud-based, providing easy access to leading business applications.

With integrated applications, you can manage customer relationships, finances, operations, and human resources.

All from one place, you’re also able to:

  • Manage customer interactions
  • Automate sales processes
  • Optimize financial management
  • Manage your supply chain
  • Optimize workforce productivity

Gain insight into operations with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

Dynamics 365 is used in retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and finance.


2. Is Microsoft Dynamics a CRM?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Dynamics 365 includes CRM features such as:

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customer service management
  • Marketing automation

Sharing data is also incredibly easy, thanks to the fact that it integrates with other Microsoft applications, such as Office 365 and Power BI.

Optimize your customer relationships, increase customer satisfaction, and improve sales performance.

The key? Providing real-time insights and data-driven decision-making tools.


3. Is Microsoft Dynamics an ERP?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics is also an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.

Manage your finances, inventory, supply chain, manufacturing, and project management workflow.

The power of Dynamics lies in how it provides a centralized database and real-time insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 serves as both CRM and ERP.


4. How Do I Set Up MS Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Unlock the full potential of your sales team with a custom process.

Set goals, track performance and generate reports - all while identifying insights that will help you reach new business goals.


5. Why Should I Upgrade My Existing Platform to MS Dynamics 365?

From sales and marketing to finance and operations, Dynamics provides a streamlined platform for running your business while preparing you for what comes next.

Cloud-based features like accessibility from virtually anywhere give businesses the flexibility they need in today's ever-changing landscape.

Plus, AI capabilities such as predictive analytics improve business efficiency.

With Dynamics 365, you’ll stay competitive into the future.


6. How To Backup Data From MS Dynamics 365?

There are multiple options available, including database backups, replication, or cloud backup solutions.

Database backups can be performed regularly to capture all data stored in Dynamics, including customizations and configurations.

Replication can also be used to create copies of Dynamics data in real-time or on a schedule. These can be stored in different locations for the security of redundancy.

Cloud backup provides additional security and automation for backup and recovery.

Power Platform for Business

Tackle business problems head on when you automate workflows, harness new insights, and boost productivity with the convenience of a drag-and-drop, cloud-based interface.

  • Power Automate
    Streamline your business processes by automating tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming workflows.
  • Power Apps
    Build custom business apps to optimize data collection, customer service, approval processes, and more.
  • Power BI
    Step up your decision-making. Analyze data, build interactive visualizations, and create reports like never before.

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