1Rivet Opens Second Office in Valsad, India to boost redundancy

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RESTON, VA, March 20, 2018 – 1Rivet, a northern Virginia consulting firm specializing in strategic consulting, outsourced services and talent acquisition, has opened a second offshore office in Valsad, India.

1Rivet’s offshore offices allow the company to lower U.S. clients’ technology costs by 50 percent to 70 percent.

“The new office supports our recent growth and gives us redundancy and failover. If one site goes down, we automatically switch operations to the other office,” said 1Rivet CEO Eric Middleton. “Plus, we’re the only tenant in the building, so it’s maintained to our standards.”

The second location seats 120 employees, includes meeting space and an employee cafeteria, and is conveniently located near 1Rivet’s current Valsad branch, home to the company’s 1Lab.

1Lab’s research and development activities include proof of concepts for new technologies and crafting frameworks to ensure faster project deliveries, improve code quality and implement standardization, as well as research to introduce new tools and processes into 1Rivet’s DevOps toolchain.

“The second office will help us attract top talent,” Middleton said. “We’re making a commitment to the Valsad community to build something lasting.”

Tech workers in Valsad benefit from 1Rivet’s American-style, team-oriented corporate culture, but retain the essence of the relationship-based Indian work culture, said 1Rivet VP of Offshore Delivery Hari Nair.

“On our team, everyone is encouraged to contribute to the project and grooming new employees for senior roles is a key focus,” Nair said. “If an idea comes from a junior developer, it’s brought to the table and discussed. If it makes sense, it’s adopted.”

1Rivet is the largest tech employer in Valsad and boasts a 97% annual employee retention rate. Its corporate culture, robust internship program and open code events have helped make the company an employer of choice for local IT grads.

“Eighty percent of the Valsad student base migrates to other cities once they graduate. 1Rivet is providing a way for them to pursue their careers and stay close to home,” said Nair.