Structuring your Transformation Team for Success

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A Transformation Program Management Office (PMO) is a temporary project management office that coordinates, balances, and prioritizes the efforts of the supporting teams during a business’ Transformation.

Why have a PMO?  A program office is comprised of professionals coordinating to achieve a smooth and successful Transformation. A PMO facilitates alignment, prioritizes critical tasks, includes the right professional services, communicates to stakeholders, and ultimately increases transformation success and business value.

Keys to Success

  • Governance and Communication – A key foundation for success is structuring governance and communication early in the Transformation program.
  • Bring all functions of the business together – All business areas need to be at the table, working collectively toward a common goal.
  • Culture – Openness, frequent engagement, active participation, and clear accountability.
Structuring your Transformation Team
Structuring your Transformation Team

Transformation Activities

  • Member Readiness – Proactive communication of expected changes and improvements.
  • Business Readiness – Functional changes and enablement/training needed.
  • Systems Readiness – IT Digital Transformation, Data, Reporting, Cyber, Controls, Support.
  • Governance & Legal – Regulatory Support, Internal and External Audit.
  • Organization Readiness – People, Process, and Technology changes that add value to the firm’s business.

At 1Rivet, we partner with our clients to deliver Digital Transformation programs. 1Rivet provides Technology Due Diligence services to help clients gain a clear understanding of Technical Modernization opportunities.



Mike Wolk

Mike has a passion for serving clients and growing consulting practices. Leveraging his 30 years of experience in Information Technology and Financial Operations, Mike works with 1Rivet clients to leverage technology to improve business processes.